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Coconut’s Amazing Healing Powers

Coconut’s traditional name reflects its numerous health benefits: kalpavriksha — Sanskrit for “the tree that supplies all that is needed to live.” Healers in ancient India recognized the coconut palm as a superior immunity booster, antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial therapy.

Popularity Surge

The coconut has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity. The natural health community and established Western medicine are beginning to fully appreciate its copious health benefits. While it is not fully understood how the coconut works its wonders, its capabilities are unquestioned. Coconut is able to stabilize blood sugar, lower cholesterol, hydrate and heal.

Coconut can also save lives. During World War II, medics reportedly extracted unadulterated coconut water from newly ripened coconuts and used it to supply electrolytes, necessary for cellular metabolism, intravenously.

Superior Benefits

Imbued with strong antioxidant properties, coconut’s health benefits include:

• Lowering cholesterol
• Improving digestion
• Preventing wrinkles
• Stabilizing glucose levels
• Defending against viruses
• Regenerating cells
• Balancing hormones
• Increasing thyroid production
• Reducing weight
• Increasing metabolism
• Fighting infections
• Staving off memory loss
• Killing bacteria

The benefits of this revered food can be enjoyed in all of coconut’s many forms — as coconut flesh, coconut water, coconut oil and coconut cream.

Consider coconut oil, which beats even extra virgin olive oil when it comes to delivering essential nutrients to the body. Unlike other fats and oils traditionally used for cooking, coconut oil does not manifest as polymerized oils or dangerous trans fatty acids in our bodies. Other oils can increase cholesterol levels, clog arteries and even make skin lose elasticity and firmness. Coconut oil delivers a healthy dose of antioxidants, which rejuvenate cells and enhance overall health.

Coconut Promotes Health Benefits In Many Different Forms

Whether you are looking to ward off disease or capture a more youthful look, coconut comes to the rescue.

Here are a few suggestions about benefitting from this superfood:

    • Coconut Water: No need for alkaline water filters, the coconut filters its water naturally during the nine months leading up to the fruit’s maturation. Be assured that the coconut water you drink is completely pure and sterile.

      Coconut water is also a wonderful substitute for sports drinks because it is high in electrolytes that are lost in sweat. In fact, coconuts contain a higher concentration of electrolytes than any other natural substance.

    • Coconut Oil: Not just for baking, coconut oil can also be applied topically to draw out toxins and impurities from the skin. Coconut oil naturally softens and hydrates skin, making it look and feel more youthful.A lesser-known benefit of coconut oil is its ability to protect your teeth against cavities and disease. For stronger, healthier teeth and gums, apply a small amount of coconut oil daily

      Coconut oil also promotes weight loss. Replacing unsaturated fats and oils with pure coconut oil may be enough to help you shed excess pounds.

      Oils such as canola, corn and other vegetable oils contain unsaturated fats, which pack on pounds when they curb your metabolism. Our bodies are subsequently unable to properly metabolize calories and fats, which end up stored on the body as extra weight.

      Coconut oil has the opposite effect. It encourages thyroid function and increases metabolism.

    • Coconut Cream: This luxury cream is superior to other skin creams because it restores elasticity and radiance to the skin in a healthier fashion. Conventional skin creams actually deplete the skin by hydrating with fats and oils. Those other fats and oils break down the skin’s elasticity over time.


Coconut Choice

Whenever shopping for coconut, choose coconut that delivers maximum benefits to your immune system, metabolism, skin and overall health and well-being. Opt for wild coconuts and always choose young coconuts which are made of the purest unsaturated fat. Look for coconuts that are tinted green and irregularly shaped. More mature and hairy varieties are less potent coconuts.

If you are traveling to a tropical paradise, be sure to take advantage of the many benefits of coconuts. Local health food stores or Asian grocers carry exported coconuts from all over the world, allowing you to enjoy the many health benefits of the coconut regardless of your location.

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About the Author: Danica Collins is a natural health journalist and the Managing Editor of The Underground Health Reporter™. She is also the spokesperson for Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing, the publisher of The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases, which reveals the scientifically proven therapy that creates a condition in the body that is uninhabitable by disease.

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  • Linda Lee

    Where do you find coconut water in Missouri–a health food store? It would cost a fortune as I like to drink a good pure water. Have spent lots of time in carribean and love coconut water and would love oils, butters

    • Tricia

      Hi Linda,
      I am a holistic nutritionist in Canada and love EVERYTHING coconut. I muscle test everything and I’ve even found a coconut vinegar (UFC brand) which is just fermented coconut water that is very good for me. It was in a Chinese grocery store. I find coconut water to be a little pricey so I drink a raw organic beverage called Fortune Delight from Sunrider that is less expensive, more nourishing and also has the perfect balance of electrolytes.

  • http://None Goldie Davis

    Thanks so much for this article on coconut, being in the Carribean I can get coconuts even though they have gone pricey here too. Although they grow everywhere the price of the oil is nearly as hig as Extra Virgin which has to be imported. Can you help please if it can in some form help stress which I am having a hard time dealing with.
    Keep helping us to learn about natural foods. The Grand Creator made them for us to enjoy and benefit .
    Thanks again, Goldie

  • Tricia

    Hi Goldie,
    It may not help you deal directly with stress but it definitely helps with the side effects of stress. Stress causes an increase in candida overgrowth and when fungus increases in the blood, your liver produces more cholesterol to neutralize the fungus. Cocounut oil is a source of caprylic acid which destroys the candida so it helps lower cholesterol while counteracting the damage from candida overgrowth like Leaky Gut.

    There is a new video out by a medical doctor showing how coconut oil reversed her husband’s Alzheimers. We need healthy fat for brain function and coconut oil seems to be leading the pack in healthy brain fats.

  • http://htt/ June Russell

    Media health reports are often deceptive, inaccurate or biased, and individuals cannot make responsible choices about their health –or advising others – if not given the facts. Politics, monetary gain, and the need for sensationalism often influence what is reported. There are times when the announced outcome of a particular study is not even the same conclusion as the researcher/s. Omitting the dangers can make a study appear to be a positive one, and a single study is often presented as an absolute, with no mention of the other available studies showing different outcomes. Drug companies are required to submit only 2 positive drug studies for the FDA to consider acceptance, with no mention to the public about any other studies that may have shown risks. Do your own research, educate yourself so you can make healthier choices.
    Alcoholic beverages are now classified by our government as a class “A” human carcinogen, along with arsenic, asbestos, tobacco, etc., and the presence of alcohol hastens the breakdown of antioxidants in the blood, speeding their elimination from the body. Antioxidants, such as resveratrol, possibly have benefits, but that does not translate into wine being healthy. The “American Institute for Cancer Research” tells us that alcohol is a tumor-promoter and that cancer risk may be increased by drinking ‘any’ amount of alcohol. There have been no clinical trials to prove that alcohol can be healthy, only by association/observation, which is how HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) was erroneously shown to be healthy for women.
    The ‘French Paradox’ was disproved many years ago by the World Health Organization (WHO), and other health organizations, because of faulty data. It should cause public concern that the true facts have not been reported in order to balance the “Wine Good for You” vs. “Wine Bad for You.” Health studies are often skewed, as in the studies about wine. Wine drinkers, as a group, have a healthier life style in general (not inclusive of the wine) and the ‘sick quitters’ are often counted in the non-drinkers. These many facts should cause the public to question any possible positive effect of alcohol. Evidence shows that alcohol use is dose related, smaller amounts do less damage but there is still harm from even smaller amounts. Studies suggest that smaller amounts of alcohol/wine may lessen the incidences of the ischemic stroke (the stroke that is most prevalent), but it increases the risk of having a hemorrhagic stroke, which does more damage. Using alcohol to relax? This is not true relaxation, it anesthetizes or drugs the drinker and inhibits his/her cognitive ability. It may seem to help with sleep but actually interferes with sleep. Alcohol also destroys an enzyme that is needed for contraction of the heart.
    Your health is your most prized possession, ask anyone who doesn’t have it. As the Pharmaceutical Companies are increasing their power and control, there will be more deceptions. They encourage the use of harmful drugs, while discouraging natural therapies, cures and prevention. We are told by the government that over half of the conventional drugs & therapies that are now used have not been sufficiently studied, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and side effects.
    I am a retired health educator, journalist, writing for newspapers, and disseminating information to organizations/groups/individuals and other health websites, as well as periodically adding more to mine ( – for more health topics and more on alcohol.
    Added information about Immunization:
    It is not the government’s business what drugs you or I choose to inject into our bodies at any age
    *Immunization Warning: Do you realize that before the age of 6, our children get 49 doses of 14 vaccines before the age of 6 (National Vaccine Information Center). Many of these vaccines have traces or larger amounts of the following, depending on the specific vaccine (this is only a partial list): lab altered viruses and bacteria, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, gluteraldehyde, sodium borate, sodium chloride, sodium acetate, monosodium glutamate (MSG), hydrchloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, lactose, gelatin, yeast protein, egg albumin, bovine and human serum albumin. Before you take the risk, find out what is in the vaccine.

    June Russell

  • Susan Murphy

    Is their anything unsafe or unhealthy about consuming organic virgin coconut oil?

    • Claude T.Jacquet

      Coconut water is also very good for prostate.
      Claude T.Jacquet

  • Sodium Bisulfite

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  • Roberta

    In Dr. Oz’s book “YOU Losing Weight” copyright 2011 he says we should stay away from partially hydrogenated , palm, and coconut oil. Is the coconut oil you are talking about here fall into that catagory?

  • Alejandrina

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