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Homeopathy: The Forbidden Medicine

Homeopathy may be the most suppressed alternative medicine. Conventional doctors don’t understand homeopathy, so they’re against it. What’s lost in those mainstream objections: useful information about its effectiveness and safety.

Learning Curve

I have learned over the years to inquire about whatever treatments establishment medicine opposes. Since we have a drug culture created by the pharmaceutical trust, we can be certain that any non-drug therapy will be vigorously opposed by the Food and Drug Administration and the police power behind it.

I personally know of and have used a skin cancer cream very successfully. It was distributed by an individual who happened to have an herb formula that was perfect. Well, the FDA health police showed up at her door, asked for her stock and ordered her to cease her distribution of the product. Luckily, I had bought a few containers ahead of time that I gave to people who needed the cream.

Medical Therapy

Maybe the most suppressed alternative medicine is homeopathy. A century ago, homeopathy constituted at least half the medical therapy in the United States. But it is non-drug, so it has been systematically suppressed. There is almost a complete ignorance of homeopathy in the United States. Really, it’s too simple to believe that it can work.

Most of you who are interested in alternative medicine at least know that the potency (potentization) of homeopathy preparations is inversely determined. This means that the more that solutions are diluted, the more potency of healing they have. I have a hard time understanding this myself.

Homeopathic practice is based on a single law of therapeutics called the Law of Similars. This law states that a substance that can cause the symptoms of a disease can also cure it.

In fact, that is exactly what the word homeopathy means, similar (homeo) suffering (pathy). There are many homeopathic principles used in allopathy, but conventional doctors are oblivious to them.

Homeopathic Preparation

The process of preparing homeopathic therapies is puzzling to most medical people simply because they perceive the ultra-dilutions as non-substantive and really nonsense. They believe the ultra-dilutions are so dilute that they cannot possibly contain a single molecule of the original substance, but they are still potent therapeutically — in fact, very potent.

This says two things: One, there is no drug; and two, these preparations are safe. I have never read about anyone being harmed by homeopathic medicine.

I have one big thing going for me. I don’t let science or proof get in my way. If something works, nothing else matters to me. I don’t have to understand it or even believe it. I am not a good patient for conventional medicine.

The primary and fundamental philosophy of conventional allopathy medicine is harmful. It simply is a drug system of suppressing symptoms. What makes this system work is that it gives temporary relief by suppressing symptoms. Suppressive drugs must be taken again and again. Repeat business builds the drug culture.

Now, do you suppose that the people in the inner sanctums of the drug cartel know how their drugs create repeat business over and over?

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About the Author: Bob Livingston is an ultra-conservative American who has been writing a newsletter since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

Facebook Conversations

  • katherine Coleman

    Reading the above, is there any way to obtain a skin cancer cream? I am in and out of the dermatologist office all of the time. There was a time that I was ask to participate in a trial study which was based on a plant that was being used to treat and prevent further damage of skin pre and present cancers.

    • jim

      Thanks to ole barry the Socialist in office elected by Half of the US who are MORONS, HIS stormtroppers have SUPRESSED it!! VOTE the SOCIALIST IDIOT OUT IN NOV!!!

    • Rodney

      Yes it’s Hemp Oil, the guy made a video of how it is made, very simple, but now has had to leave Canada because he has been sentenced to prison for making this cancer cure !!! as well treating many other cures.. Go figure the strength and corruption of big pharma..

    • http://none Rachel

      For skin cancer buy SunSpot ES Gel from It was developed specifically for skin cancer, but they are not allowed to say so. No surprise there. Over the years they have to say less and less about it on the packaging, and it is now just sold as a beauty treatment – but it is the real deal.

    • Robin

      There is a cancer skin remedy call Spot Check that is obtainable here in NZ and this can be sent to you. I have used this myself for skin cancers and am always amazed how it will just lift the cancer out of the skin and for one to know that all the roots have gone as well is truely amazing.The scaring within a few months is negligable

  • Leen

    Homeopathy works but is more dangerous than the disease it cures! It is a spiritual medicine. Side effects are a breakdown in relationships and isolation, both human relationships and especially with your Maker. Stay clear of it at all times!

    • Kathl

      Are you a religious fundamentalist? Please state your religion-

      • jim

        WHY would you ask such a STUPID question???!! IF you want to be cured instead of having sypmtoms treated instead of getting at the cause,,, be my guest and STAY SICK!!

      • Leen


      • Sandy

        Leen just doesn’t know the Bible. It even supports what we call homeopathy in many places. He has it confused with the “new age movement”. God has given us all the “medications” we need in natural form. Homeopathy just directs and helps us use them. I am a born-again Christian and have been for 46 years. Even went to Bible college.

        • Chuck S

          Could you tell us some places in the Bible that give cures?

    • Rev. Kathryn Barr

      What an absolutely ignorant thing to say. I’ve used homepathics for years for myself, my family, my clients and my pets and I can assure you that it has never caused harm to a relationship with God or human. Hundreds of years of research and experience verify the workings of this healing therapy. And, as noted, it is safe.
      I’m sorry you have fallen for the lie pushed by many of those who don’t understand homeopathy.

      • Pierre


    • Deborah

      I am truly NOT understanding how you came to this conclusion. I had colon cancer and was cured through homeopathic remedies. I am not sure of your religious practices, but we worship in the spirit. God is a spirit. The side effects were that I was HEALED. I do not recall Jesus Christ walking around with a pharmacy. He cured and healed because of His power and through faith. He died on the cross so that we who also believe might have that same power. Respectfully, why are you reading this material if it is so offensive to you? Blessings to you.

      • Leen

        I believe in Divine healing but also in medicine. Traditional medicine often has terrible side effects, sometimes unnoticed at first. But there is proper nutrition, not that easy to know and there is natural medicine in form of herbs and other substances. Homeopathic medicine has been used in my family with amazing healing and difficult relational side effects. Indeed Jesus did not carry drops on alcohol!

        • Diane

          I seriously doubt your relationship problems were due to homeopathy. I suggest psychotherapy for you and your relationships, to deal with why you refuse to take responsibility for your problems. Perhaps being healed made the other people in your life too healthy and clear minded to deal with you?

    • Chris

      That has to be utterly the most ridiculous stance on homeopathy I have ever read.

      • Leen

        Of course is sounds like that. It is also ridiculous that a few molecules cure a person with trillions of molecules and less molecules are more powerful!
        That is spiritual, but not from God.

        • Diane

          Jesus might be embarrassed to find you following him.

        • Jorge

          I do not know where your confusion comes from!!! Spiritual and not from GOD? Who brainwashed you? You need a mental cleanse so you can erase the toxicity that is hurting you!!!

    • Rodney

      LOL you silly person… go polish your ducking stool!!

    • http://none Rachel

      Do you belong to the ‘Flat Earth Society’ by any chance?

    • Duke

      Don’t know what kind of quack you saw, but most homeopathic treatments encourage deepening your relationship with God, and prayer for inner peace. A calm, unstressed body heals much more quickly. This means being involved with family, friends, and church, in addition to the treatments.

      Find another source, as it sounds like you found someone who shouldn’t be in business!

      The human body and nature most always has a cure or sustainable treatment.

      • Richard Pawley

        I think you hit the nail on the head. This person must have run into a quack. I’m sure there must be some in homeopathic medicine just as there are in all other fields. I tend to think like Bob: What counts is that it works, not the theory behind it. Before anyone ever heard of vitamins it was discovered by the British Navy that limes would prevent scurvy, hence ‘limeys’ became part of our vocabulary because their sailors took limes with them on long voyages. I really know nothing about homeopathy (that I am aware of) but trust your God given intuition and pray about everything. God, the one and only, will never lead you astray, and the Bible says that He is the author of all that is good.

        By the way I had a pre-cancerous spot on my face for five years that kept forming a head and every month or so would fall off. I finally had it frozen off and I was a bit miffed when the doctor said they never come alone. Well, within 6 months I had another show up, so I knew that he was correct, but around that time I started using pure organic coconut oil as an after shave and although this has never disappeared in six years it has not come to a head either and just looks like a spot. Most would not even notice. Will have to try that cream that was mentioned above or perhaps a highly rated medicinal Manuka honey which I use on occasion for other things.

    • Louise

      That nonsense about homeopathy and Christianity is a fallacy. There are two laws of healing – The Law of Opposites (suppressive chemical drugs that should never be in the human body) and the Law of Similars (homeopathy which is gentle and deep acting).
      Read Alan Crook’s book about Christianity and Homeopathy. Review here.

    • Rose S.

      I work with King Bio a homeopathy pharmaceutical company in Asheville, NC and can assure you that the owner and his family and employees have never had any of the side effects you claim. Homeopathy was discovered by a medical doctor over 200 years ago and it works.

    • drrich

      In Exodus 32, Moses upon returning from mount sinai saw the Isrealite worshiping idols. – 20 And he took the calf (golden calf -Aurum) the people had made and burned it in the fire; then he ground it to powder, scattered it on the water and made the Israelites drink it. to relief the Israelites from despair of religious salvation -because of their sin of Idol worship – They feared that God would not accept them back. (look YouTube – Dana Ullman – Was Moses the first homeopath)

      In homeopathy Aurum Metallicum is made into Homeopathic medicine in a similar way (trituration). Aurum is used for symptoms of suicidal tendencies, despair, hopelessness, sudden loss of need to pray, loathing life. loss of responsibility, grief and etc,

      Now Aurum Metalicum is also used to reinstate a person who was formerly has had good relationship either with his family, friends or even his Maker but somehow due to some bad experience or event in his life he has lost that relationship.

  • GraemeB

    Having been brought up on Homeopathic medicine in Europe, all I can tell you that my doctors, two brothers, MDs, oesteopaths, Homeopaths and also Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons, cured people from all parts of Ireland, that conventional medicine was unable to cure. Part of the sucess of Homeopathy is that the practitioner spends the time with the patient, to get to the bottom of symtoms and then narrows the remedy down to the most efficatious.
    Regarding dilution, a practicle example is arnica. Arnica 30 is diluted 30 times and is used for cuts and bruises and you can time the symtoms in 2 hourly cycles. Like a pendulum that comes from the right side to the central perpendiclar and then over 2 hours will slowly return towards the original symtom but not as far.
    Arnica 90 is very interesting for hee we have a dilution factor of 90 times and yet only qualified practitioners are authorized to use it. I have personally seen it applied to the tongue of a patient in cardiac arrest and see the heart jolt back into life. Very visual and authenticating.
    Homeopathy is very efficatious in preventive medicine. My father being a manufacturing pharmacist, introduced anti-biotics in Ireland in the 50′s yet we were never allowed to use them. But he brought home homeopathic remedies weekly when symtoms were detected. The one statement that my father made that has always stuck in my mind, ” never ever let a doctor administer cortozone as it will lead to bone degradation and degeneration” I still believe that to be true.
    An anicdotal comment. The Royal family always are treated by homeopathic doctors and they wills go to the London Homeopathic Hospital for any surgery.

    • chris

      Well Said

    • Leen

      The relationship breakdowns in the Royal Family support my experience. The fact that more dilution of almost nothing needs special authorisation indicates “something” else is at work.

      • PamelaAnn

        And relationship breakdowns only happen to those who use homeopathy? And/or are not Christian?

  • Ian

    A few years ago I sustained a knee injury whilst fell walking. I was concerned for it’s quick recovery before my ski-ing vacation. My conventional doctor advised ” If you were a horse I’d have you put down”. I consulted a homeopath who gave me some small pills to disolve on my tongue. That treatment cured my knee problem within two weeks and gave me no problems when ski-ing.

  • Dr Pieter Dahler, DDS, MD ND (hon) PhD

    The curative, healing modality called Homeopathy is quite easy to understand as to why it is so very effective.
    The way it is described as conforming to the Law of Similars says it all.
    The minute dilutions conform—are similar—to the microvoltage at which our cells function.
    Albert Einstein said it best when he discovered that everything (i.e. matter) is energy.
    Our 50 trillion body cells function best for optimum health when we give them foods and water which are “similar” to—the correct micro-minute energies—what our cells are made of.
    If cells are bombarded with drugs (= very high bad energies) the Thymus gland, which regulates the energies in our bodies, becomes short-circuited (blows), and we go weak. This can be tested via Diagnostic Kinesiology (muscle strength testing) by a skilled health professional.
    If cells are bombarded by high-dose artificially made food supplements (= very high bad energies) the Thymus gland becomes short-circuited also.
    Natural raw foods have micro-voltages in them. They can be measured with electrical meters.
    Foods from the grocery stores, old (having sat there for hours or transported for days) and wilted, have badly diminished energies. (low on enzyme and vitamins)
    No food ever comes in megadoses. An orange (which has a Complex form of Vitamin C in it) has about 60 mg of Vit. C in it. It does not have 1,000 mg of Vit .C.
    Water from a natural well has healthy low voltage. Water in your faucet coming from your city (i.e. polluted with chlorine and fluoride, and Big Pharma drugs) has high (incompatible with your cells) voltages and blows your Thymus gland.
    The various dilutions by which homeopathy remedies are available for sale are best in the highest dilutions, because they are “similar” to what your body cells needs. It would be best to continue diluting them at home to the highest forms i.e. 200 C (= 10 ¯400) or so.

  • http://nil Keshav

    Homeopathy – as is universally said -if it does not cure, it does not make you more sick, but it cures – cures fatastically and wonderfully. Since 1989 when I first started using Homeopathic medicines – although in my family it was used by my father before my birth
    in 1936, – using a Homeopathy book in Hindi Language and a box containing 108 medicines – different and / or same of different potenancy – each bottle being of just
    One drom mediicine and taken out of the bottle using a ” right angle glass rod of 2-3mm thickness – used only one drop for a dose, 3 times a day – and now system has changed – uses combination medicines more than 10 drops at a time through a built in dropper in the bottle.ARNICA as some one has pointed out is a wonderful medicine and all Homeopathy doctors / practioners say that it should not be used on OPEN WOUNDS BUT I SAY USE IT ON OPEN WOUNDS IF YOU WANT TO GET HEALED FASTER AND SAFER. also use alternately on the wound an anti infection combination like R1 of Dr Reckweg. I have used same since last over 20 years on my self and some of my friends with extreme success, not once but more times. I fell in bath sandwitched in between commode and wash basin, with one leg in bath tub – fainted – no one at home, at AGE 69, got conciousness may be in 10-20 mnts, some how got up, tried to get towel to dry, found back of my head and neck full of blood – found Arnica 1000 ist applied along with R1 after 5mnts, repeated every 10-20 mnts process with Arnica 200 and R1 and within 4 hours when some people came to meet at home, I already had a crest formed on 3.5 inch long – 80mm wound. Wife was away and guests wanted me to go to hospital, I refused as I know when they will shave Hair, they will make wound more “Septic”. Since I found I could not lie on bed as wound will open up due pressure, I spent almost 6 days and nights on a chair – working during day and sleeping on the chair – applying Arnica 200 and R1, and on 6th/7th night I could sleep on bed with only a drop of blood coming out on pillow and next day wound was fully healed. There were earlier injuries also which I healed for self and many others. There are many other Homeopathy medicines as effective and sometime not so effective as I am not a qualified Homeopathy doctor and know only by experience. I do not administer to others unless they are very close and unless I fully understand their problem after studying thoroughly from detailed books and symptoms..Homeopathy is really fantastic in hands of those who understand it but there are many QUACKS – particularly in India, who even mix up cortizone with these medicines and administer to unsuspecting patients.

    • Leen

      I do not contest that it works. I do not contest that standard medicine is not really bad many times. But there is more than that meets the eye. I would rather damage my body than sell my soul.

      • Diane

        Your relationships are failing because your brain does not work correctly and you are spiritually crippled.

  • Francis

    I find it hard to believe that tiny balls of sugar with not a single molecule of anything else in them (the case when you dilute a lot) can do anything besides psychological help. Which is already something.
    As for this being “alternative medicine”, that’s a joke. A huge French laboratory with Monsanto type methods is a multi national fortune maker.

    • Diane

      Homeopathy has been successfully used in veterinary medicine for many many years. There is no such thing as the “placebo” effect in an animal. They do not psychologically “expect” that these drops or tiny sugar balls are going to cure them.
      You can believe the moon is made of cheese if you want but it doesn’t make it so!

  • Ed

    If 30% of persons receiving a placebo believe that it works, that is Homeopathy. If you believe that the more dilute the preparation, to the point that a single molecule is not present but that the preparation is still very potent, why don’t women take homeopathic birth control pills?

    • Duke

      Abstenance is a homepathic cure for pregnancy. Suggesting otherwise is ludicris. There is nothing natural about making it impossible for the female uterus to hold a fertilized egg.

      What you said makes no sense, and obviously you haven’t researched this subject enough to have a responsible, qualified responce or comment.

      • Francis

        Ed is right. Why give him a silly answer?

        • Emmanuelle G

          Maybe because Menstruation is not a disease??? Homeopathy will help with issues occurring in the body which are not NATURAL. As far as I know, menstruation is a NATURAL process…

      • Drrich

        Some years ago I gave my cat (Peanut) homeopathic Sulphur 30 (3 doses) for its skin eruption, patches of fur was falling out. About 2 weeks later no sign of skin condition remaining . Later fur grown back completely. Placebo Effect uhh?? Yes cat believed in placebo effect and that’s why it was cured.

        Why I choose Sulphur? In Homeopathy, Sulphur is King of antipsoric – leader in 1.) treating skin condition. But that is not all, Sulphur patients likes to take 2.). cat-naps. 3.)and the eruption was dry and reddish. But the deciding factor was Peanut most of the time came around 4.) hungry for food at around 11 am.

  • mary aspinwall

    Homeopathy works beautifully, as so many here attest. It returned me to health after allopathic suppression of my symptoms had wrecked my well being. It honors the body and Nature. Synthetic hormonal contraceptives work by persistently lying to a women’s body, saying it is already pregnant. Side effects include loss of fertility, risk of thrombosis, stroke, heart attack and cancer…nothing here that Homeopathy would wish to imitate!! For pregnancy planning check out lady comp.

    • Leen

      I agree, but apart from homeopathy there are many ways to prevent and cure illness. A great deal of research is done and available but sadly not practised.

  • http://none Rachel

    For skin cancer buy SunSpot from It was developed specificaly for skin cancer, but they are not allowed to say so. No surprise there. Over the years they have to say less and less about it on the packaging, and it is now just sold as a beauty treatment – but it is the real deal.

  • Dr Pieter Dahler, DDS, MD ND (hon) PhD

    FOLKS, It is not the MOLECULE(s)…IT IS THE ENERGY of the molecule(s), even if it is just one molecule that is the basis for Energy Medicine.
    The whole concept of the PHYSICAL is based on energy / fequencies / wavelengths.
    The doctors, Big Pharma, Big Food, they have all fooled us long enough with their macro this and that. Our bodies do not operate that way.
    We are constantly short circuiting ourselves to the point of an early grave after expending a lot of money and misery from ingesting. Most of us are “living” marginal lives with blown Thymus Glands. This gland is part of the hierarchy of glands from Pineal Gland to the Gonads (sex organs).
    It is time to wake up and start dealing with these glands that make our lives well or not. if you have any personal questions.

    • Emmanuelle G

      Thank you for your time in explaining the science behind homeopathy, this really helped!

    • Chuck S

      This isn’t much of an explanation. Can 1 molecule generate enough energy to cure millions or billions of cells?

  • http://n/a Bill C.

    Homepathy Works,end of subject! And remember:”The only fool bigger than the person who knows it all is the person who argues with him(or her).” Have A Nice Day!!

  • James

    I have been blessed by working on my environmental illness for 15 years next month with one of the most gifted healers in the world – a homeopath, who has been effectively my primary care physician since and I’ve acquired an absolute wealth of knowledge in the process…..I know EXACTLY how homeopathy works, and Tesla (among others) figured out the mechanism behind it himself – as the good Doctor will corroborate, anything that generates an electrical charge in turn creates an associated magnetic field which is configured/organized in a way reflective of its source – as Jesus the most coherent of (en)Light(ened) (which is actually what the title ‘Christ’ means; same root as the Greek word ‘CRYSTALlos’) beings knew, miracles were firmly rooted in natural science related to the properties of energy in a material state with significantly-diminished vibrational rates and an understanding of the quantum relationship between these fields, how humans and other lifeforms interacted with their environments on a purely energetic level…..Leen, OPEN your mind and your heart to the truth: there can BE no judgment if Free Will truly exists; it is up to us to make choices which are in keeping with the sort of world and society we wish for ourselves – the Second Coming and, indeed, ‘God’ is in EVERY last one of us as much as anything…..the REAL evil is in the attempts of certain self-interested parties to prevent this greater understanding from ever being recognized as such…..

  • Lin

    Some history of the treatment of epidemics with Homeopathy

  • Moon

    Thank you, Lin, for providing us with the website information! I will look it up when I have time. Reading through all of this, though, isn’t something missing? Are not homeopathic remedies percussed? This turns it into a kind of vibrational medicine and since EVERYTHING is vibration or frequency, is this not where some of the power of this modality lies? James DID mention diminished vibrational rates but it is my understanding that the greater number of times a remedy is percussed the more powerful it is. However, that is not to say that this greater possibility is always needful. Sometimes yes; sometimes no!

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  • Remona Campolo

    I haven’t checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend :)

  • Mohamed

    I have used homeopathy, diet and exercise to reverse my type 2 diabetes. I was on the verge of taking insulin as my control was very poor.
    Today is it over 2 years since I have been on any meds.
    I now help others achieve this.
    Homeopathy works– just give it a chance :)

    • Tinger

      Diet and exercise works. Homeopathy is water.

  • Mari

    Perhaps the relationships changed as part of the healing; yet,__ it seems that more healing was required by more than one of the parties involved. There are many stages and levels of healing. Not returning to the homeopath with the relationship symptoms indicates the person required deeper healing than the physical, lacked faith in the healing process and blamed homeopathy for not continuing the healing journey itself. Humans are wired to fear change including the changes manifest in ones own healing when not understood. I would urge you to investigate the relationship symptoms and emotions displayed by all the family members and very likely you will find a deeper healing was trying to come out. I do not condemn you for thinking that the homeopathic remedies caused relationship problems, however I suspect strongly that if a commitment to the healing process was held by the persons involved the relationship issues would have resolved themselves with further homeopathic treatment. To your healing and growth in the future,

  • ? C. Jones

    Try it. If you do not like it. Stop. I am a believer. My children were raised with no anti-biotics as my Pediatrician believed in hot compresses and other old age cures. Believe.

  • Dr. Dim (Not really a doctor)

    So let’s say I have placed 9 gallon bottles filled with a homeopathic solution to help sleeplessness. I also have a gallon of distilled water. I place the 10 bottles on a table and ask a homeopath to identify which is the gallon with the distilled water. Do you suppose the homeopath will do better than chance?

    If the homeopath cannot tell the difference between the homeopathic sleep aid and distilled water, what good is it? How is the homeopathic “medicine” any different than just plain distilled water? Isn’t it far more likely that any perceived relief is merely the placebo effect? How does the homeopathic solution “remember” the caffeine (that’s what would be used a homeopathic sleeping aid) put in the water, yet forget all the other stuff that had been in the water?