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Coffee Drinkers Shown To Have Lower Risk Of Breast Cancer

That morning cup of coffee could help do more than provide an energy boost to get the day going, since Swedish researchers recently showed that it may also promote protection against breast cancer.

A team of scientists at the Karolinska Institutet compared the coffee-drinking habits of a subset of women without breast cancer to a group of females with the disease. They found that regular java consumption was more common among the healthy participants.

They noted that lifestyle factors like exercise, weight, education, family history and the age at which a woman hits menopause also affected the risk of breast cancer. After accounting for these things, the researchers observed that compounds found in coffee protected only against estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer.

“There is often conflicting information about the beneficial effects of coffee,” study authors said.

The team was unable to pinpoint which compounds in coffee were responsible for its protective effects. They noted that the type of bean and the preparation of the beverage may affect how well it promotes healthy breasts.

Easy Health Options Staff

Easy Health Options Staff

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