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How To Drink More Or Less


If you drink your liquor from an old fruit jar, you probably drink more than someone who drinks from a narrower container. And the difference in how much you’re serving yourself may have little to do with where you live or your taste for alcoholic beverages.

According to a study by scientists at Cornell and Iowa State University, the kind of glass from which you drink can affect how much you pour for yourself. You may also serve yourself more if you hold the glass while you pour.

The test, which was conducted with wine, showed that, on average, when glasses are wider, people serve themselves about 12 percent more liquid. When they hold their glasses as they pour, they also pour about 12 percent more than if glasses are sitting on a counter or table. When the color of the glass matches the color of the drink, they pour about 9 percent more.

If you’re trying to limit how much you drink, the researchers recommend you choose narrower glasses, place glasses on a table before you dish out beverages and don’t use glasses that are the same color as the beverage.

Carl Lowe

Carl Lowe

has written about health, fitness and nutrition for a wide range of publications including Prevention Magazine, Self Magazine and Time-Life Books. The author of more than a dozen books, he has been gluten-free since 2007.