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The Sugar In Your Soft Drink Keeps You Hungry For More


If you’re eating and eating and not feeling satisfied, take a look at the food ingredients like high fructose corn syrup (in soft drinks) you’re consuming. The results of a preliminary study published in the Jan. 2 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association exposes major differences in the way our brains respond to fructose and glucose.

Brain magnetic resonance images show that consumption of glucose reduces cerebral blood flow and activity in regions of the brain that regulate appetite and produces higher ratings of satiety and fullness. The same does not occur when fructose is consumed.

“Increases in fructose consumption have paralleled the increasing prevalence of obesity, and high-fructose diets are thought to promote weight gain and insulin resistance. Fructose ingestion produces smaller increases in circulating satiety hormones compared with glucose ingestion, and central administration of fructose provokes feeding in rodents, whereas centrally administered glucose promotes satiety,” according to background information in the article. “Thus, fructose possibly increases food-seeking behavior and increases food intake.”

According to researcher Kathleen A. Page, M.D., of Yale University School of Medicine, “The disparate responses to fructose were associated with reduced systemic levels of the satiety-signaling hormone insulin and were not likely attributable to an inability of fructose to cross the blood-brain barrier into the hypothalamus or to a lack of hypothalamic expression of genes necessary for fructose metabolism.”

Kellye Copas

Kellye Copas

Staff writer Kellye Copas has several years experience writing for the alternative health industry. Her background is in non-profit fundraising, copywriting and direct mail and web marketing.