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The tree bark that enhances sexual and prostate health

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Since ancient times, men have been turning to pygeum to support their bladder health, boost fertility and improve their erectile function. The bark of Pygeum africanum, the African cherry tree, is also useful for helping to manage symptoms of an enlarged prostate — a condition termed benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Many men over the age of 50 suffer urinary symptoms due to BPH.

The bark is also used to help with inflammation associated with prostatitis, which can affect men of any age. This natural substance may offer some protection from prostate cancer as well.

If you are looking to boost your prostate and sexual health, pygeum is a versatile male supplement that can meet many of your male health needs. This herb goes well with other herbs like saw palmetto and stinging nettle. If you are looking for an alternative to medication for your urinary tract and prostate, pygeum could be the answer. And unlike some of the treatments out there that cause sexual dysfunction, pygeum actually encourages sexual health, a bonus for most men.

Pygeum For BPH

There are a number of studies that support the many pygeum health benefits in managing prostate conditions like BPH. A large, double-blind study involved 263 men with BPH who received either 100 mg of pygeum or a placebo each day for 60 days. Overall, 66 percent of the men who took pygeum reported improvement in their urinary flow, frequency or nighttime urination, whereas only 31 percent of the placebo group reported improvement.

The phytosterols and fatty acids in pygeum can inhibit the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that increases the risk for prostate cancer and BPH. Rising levels of DHT can lead to enlarged prostate and hormonal imbalance. Pygeum may reduce the number of receptor sites where DHT can attach to cells.

Managing the urinary symptoms with pygeum and other natural top supplements for enlarged prostate can help improve your quality of life and help you get a better night’s sleep by keeping you out of the bathroom several times per night. Pygeum also improves urine flow.

No man wants to experience sexual problems along with prostate issues, and that’s a key reason why men prefer using natural supplements to manage BPH symptoms. Several pharmaceutical medications for enlarged prostate are drugs that can cause low libido and other unwanted sexual side effects like erectile dysfunction (ED). Using pygeum can offer symptom relief while preserving sexual function.

Pygeum For Sexual Health

Pygeum is one natural alternative to prescription drugs and more dangerous remedies for ED and sexual health. There are dangers associated with erectile dysfunction drugs, so it is worth trying natural supplements for ED and libido. Pygeum bark has long been used as an aphrodisiac and to enhance sexual performance, especially when combined with saw palmetto extract. In traditional medicine, pygeum has been used to fight male infertility. Some studies in mice have found that pygeum leads to an increased volume and viability of sperm in semen.

Pygeum for Prostatitis

Pygeum has some significant clinical studies and research behind it for use in men with prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome is a frustrating condition that that causes pelvic pain and urinary symptoms. Phytosterols and fatty acids are the major active components of pygeum.

In one clinical trial that involved 47 patients with chronic prostatitis, 89 percent of the men reported a complete remission of symptoms after taking 100 mg of pygeum daily for five to seven weeks. (Andro 1995) Another study looked at sexual dysfunction that was associated with chronic prostatitis or BPH. The men took 200 mg of pygeum every day for 60 days either alone or with antibiotics. The men who received pygeum experienced improved sexual function. These results are further reasons researchers believe that pygeum may have benefits for patients with sexual or reproductive dysfunction. (Carani 1991)

How To Use Pygeum

South African tribes boil the bark of the Pygeum africanum tree to make a tea, but you may find it much easier to buy this herb in supplement form.

It is important to know that pygeum has become endangered. Look for a pygeum supplement that comes from a sustainable source. Reputable products like EveryDay Male and Prost-P10x use CITES certified pygeum.

EveryDay Male enhances men’s sexual health, helping to promote healthy hormone levels and sexual health, whereas Prost-P10x encourages prostate and urinary health. Both formulations contain sustainable pygeum along with several other natural ingredients.

The most common daily dose of pygeum consists of 75 mg to 200 mg of standardized pygeum extract (13 percent total sterols). Pygeum rarely causes side effects, but some men report mild gastrointestinal issues. It does not interact with drugs, and it combines well with other supplements.


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Craig Cooper

Craig Cooper

is the Founder of CooperativeHealth, The Prostate Cancer Institute and Performance Research Labs. He is the author of the Harper Collins men's health book — Your New Prime: 30 Days to Better Sex, Eternal Strength, and a Kick Ass Life After 40. He is also the editor of the Healthy Living for Men newsletter and a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post on men's health as well as being an "Ambassador" for the Movember Foundation.