10 myths about men’s health

There are many myths that men commonly regard as fact, as well as some weird sayings that are hard-to-believe yet true. Some common beliefs are fact while others are simply not true. Let’s break down some of the common myths and facts about men’s health so you know where and where not to spend your energy.

More men die from prostate cancer than any other cancer

This is a myth. Prostate cancer is actually the second most prevalent cancer in men. Lung cancer actually kills more men in the U.S. each year than prostate cancer.  While one in six men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, one in 36 will die from it. Prevention and early diagnosis can help beat this disease. Having your PSA tested is the first step in determining your risk of prostate cancer.

Frequent shaving makes your beard thicker

This is a myth. The texture and thickness of you hair is determined by the size and shape of your hair follicle. Since shaving does not change your hair follicle, how often you shave will not make thicker hair, even if you think it seems thicker.

Wearing a hat or blow-drying hair causes baldness

This is untrue. There is no evidence to suggest this. Men lose their hair for genetic reasons or from some other change. For example, hair loss is one of the unpleasant side effects and one of the reasons to avoid testosterone replacement therapy.

Peak Maximum Endurance

At middle age, you start feeling changes in your body you may chalk up to aging: energy levels hit rock bottom, weight soars, muscles become soft, skin becomes wrinkled and slack and desire tanks. You may feel past your prime — but science says that’s wrong! MORE⟩⟩


Wearing briefs reduces sperm count

This is a surprising myth that is commonly spouted as truth. Many men trying to make a baby have traded their “tighty whities” for boxers in fear of affecting sperm count. This is not necessary. The evidence suggesting that wearing briefs affects sperm count is inconsistent. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures may affect sperm count, but the difference in underwear choice creates about a half a degree difference. Avoid overheating your testicles by staying out of hot tubs and refraining from placing your laptop on your lap.

Men hit their sexual peak at age 18

This, unfortunately, is true because men’s testosterone peaks at 18. But having all that testosterone does not equal performance that comes with years of experience. There are many ways to naturally boost your testosterone production back to more youthful levels without resorting to testosterone replacement therapy. There are also many sex exercises for men to help with performance and stamina.

No pain, no gain

This myth has been said by most men at some point in a workout, but the truth is that you do not gain anything by pain except risk of injury.

Drinking beer causes a beer belly

Yes, the extra calories in beer (just like excess calories from anything) can cause your waistline to keep growing.

Men can’t get breast cancer

This is a myth. Men CAN get breast cancer. This rare cancer affects about 1 in 1,000 men. Risk factors include age, alcoholism, obesity, high estrogen levels, and chronic liver disorders.

Grilled meat causes cancer

Eating meat heated to high temperatures is in fact a risk factor for cancer, including prostate cancer. Avoid charred meat, and cook meat at lower temperatures. It also helps to avoid the flames and smoke by putting aluminum foil between the grill and your meat. Even better is to eat less meat as a whole, especially if you are concerned about your health.

Osteoporosis is a women’s problem

The fact is that that men are also at risk for this disease that causes the skeleton to weaken and bones to fracture more easily. The risk factors for men include age, low testosterone levels, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, use of steroid medications, immobilization, and gastrointestinal disease. To protect your bones, take steps to manage your hormones as you age. You should also exercise regularly.

Craig Cooper

By Craig Cooper

Craig Cooper is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author, and TV host of CNBC's "Adventure Capitalists". He is an “Ambassador” for both the global men’s health foundation “Movember” and 2XU, the performance sportswear company. He is the author of the Harper Collins book “Your New Prime: 30 Days to Better Sex, Eternal Strength, and a Kick-Ass Life After 40“. Follow Craig on Instagram @craigcooperrrr and Facebook.