7 healthy excuses to eat more chocolate [infographic]

7 healthy excuses to eat more chocolate [infographic]The craving for chocolate is one of the most common and difficult to resist of all food cravings. Researchers noted in the journal Appetite that the craving for chocolate is probably the most intense of all food cravings.

But it’s important to differentiate between milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has less sugar and is, therefore, more bitter. Unprocessed cacao — which contains the most antioxidants and, therefore, provides more healthful benefits — is enjoyed by only about 5 percent of the population because of its bitter taste.

Dark chocolate has been shown to decrease anxiety levels. It can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by one-third in women and one-fourth in men. Dark unprocessed chocolate also helps to control glucose metabolism.

If you have a chocolate craving, it’s best to satisfy it with low-sugar dark chocolate.

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Every time you indulge the notion to relax with a big chunk of dark chocolate, your arteries thank you. Because chocolate helps them relax, too. And that helps your heart stay healthier.

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If you’re looking to boost your athletic performance you could start a rigorous training schedule that includes cardio, strength training and agility exercises… or you could eat some dark chocolate.

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7 reasons you should eat more chocolate

What’s the healthiest bean in the world? There’s good evidence that it’s the cocoa bean, the stuff that chocolate is made of. And research has cemented chocolates reputation as a food with remarkable effects.

The diabetes remedy that satisfies your sweet tooth

It does wonders for your blood sugar… and it’s not too hard on the taste buds either. But because insulin has such far-reaching effects as your body’s master hormone, there’s no telling what other health benefits you may be in for.

Chocolate eases leg pain

If you have leg pains when you walk, a study in Italy shows that chocolate may help relieve that discomfort. In some cases, it may help you walk further, longer and with less distress.

Chocolate: The weight loss breakfast food

Chocolate for breakfast can help you lose weight. Research at Tel Aviv University shows that a 600-calorie breakfast that includes chocolate as well as a healthy dose of protein aids weight loss.


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