7 surprising baking soda uses and remedies [infographic]

Probably the most inexpensive item you should keep in your medicine cabinet (usually costing about $1) has been used throughout history for everything from digestive issues to basic daily hygiene.

Here are 7 surprising uses for sodium bicarbonate, commonly referred to as baking soda:

Probably the most inexpensive item you should keep in your medicine cabinet (usually costing about $1.)And you should continue reading the articles below for more details about the uses for baking soda, as well as some other holistic remedies you may want to ad to you medicine cabinet:

Treat summer heat, sun and bug problems with natural solutions

To enjoy more summer fun, be prepared with natural solutions to summer’s potential annoyances. Take a look at how to use herbs, supplements and other natural treatments for allergic reactions, sunburns and more.

Acne is more than just a skin problem

You probably already know that you can suffer from acne as an adult, even into middle age. But what you may not know is that acne isn’t isolated to the skin. If we look deeper, we can see numerous systemic issues going on.

10 unusual flu remedies: Simple ways to boost your immunity and speed recovery

Flu season struck early this year: Experts say that it’s hitting especially hard with higher levels of flu activity and tougher viral strains. A strong immune system is the key to warding off annual flu bugs; and there are many ways to prime your defenses, including healthy diet, supplements, exercise and stress relief. If you do get sick, these unique natural flu remedies can help speed up recovery time and relieve uncomfortable symptoms.

Sodium bicarbonate is an aid to life and health

The only way to extend life expectancy is to keep the pH slightly alkaline. This can be accomplished with sodium bicarbonate.

Kidney stones, kidney health

Kidney stones are painful reminders that the kidneys are important organs. The best kidney stone is one you never experience. But if you are a victim, there are all-natural methods you can use to diminish these excruciating annoyances.

Powerful Tips For Your Health

When it comes to your health, you have important choices to make. You can succumb to conventional medicine’s philosophy of neglect, leading to painful disease that doctors want to treat with painful (and often dangerous) therapies. Or you can take control of your own health and feel better every day of your life. Here’s how to get started.

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