Eating Healthier And Staying Active May Help To Reduce Weight Gain During The Holidays

Individuals who are compulsive eaters may find it difficult to manage their weight. Now, a new report indicates that compulsive eating and the holiday season could cause people to gain a significant amount of weight.

Experts suggest that there are many reasons as to why people gain weight during the holiday season. Dealing with extended family, celebratory occasions and increased commitment may all cause an individual to eat more frequently.

Stefanie C. Barthmare, one of the report’s authors, said that “many of us deal with depression, disappointment, loneliness and unfulfilled expectations during the holiday season.” She added that when these expectations are not met, people feel bad and resort to food.

According to the experts, compulsive over-eaters use food as an outlet to deal with their stress, and common holiday presents, like chocolates and cookies help these individuals to ease their daily frustrations. As a result, this time of year can lead people to dangerous weight gain because they continue to binge, especially after they already feel guilty for putting on the pounds.

Barthmare said that structured meal times, a person’s lifestyle and their schedule should all be taken into consideration to help break bad eating habits.

Leading a healthy lifestyle, being physically active and keeping a nutritional diet can help to prevent further weight gain, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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