Burn More Belly Fat At Your Desk

If you spend long hours working at a desk, your job may be expanding your waistline. But now research at Kansas State University shows a way to activate an enzyme in your body to burn off more fat as you work.

When you sit unmoving for hours at work, and your muscles are dormant, you switch off a natural chemical in your body called lipoprotein lipase, or LPL, says researcher Sara Rosenkranz. Lipoprotein lipase stimulates the cells to take in fat or triglycerides and use it for energy.

To get LPL going again, take more breaks from sitting and move around the office. Work standing up. Pace back and forth every 15 minutes or half hour.

“Not only do people need to be more physically active by walking or doing moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, but they should also be looking at ways to reduce their sitting time,” adds researcher Richard Rosenkranz who also took part in the study.

“We’re basically telling our bodies to shut down the processes that help to stimulate metabolism throughout the day and that is not good,” Sara Rosenkranz says. “Just by breaking up your sedentary time, we can actually upregulate that process in the body.”


Carl Lowe

By Carl Lowe

has written about health, fitness and nutrition for a wide range of publications including Prevention Magazine, Self Magazine and Time-Life Books. The author of more than a dozen books, he has been gluten-free since 2007.