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Dr. Mark Wiley

Why sports drinks should never cross your lips

On a hot and thirsty summer afternoon, too many folks reach for a sports drink they saw advertised on TV. Big mistake. Those concoctions are filled with sugar and artificial ingredients that can endanger your heart and waistline. Here’s a guide to the healthy way to quench your thirst.

Carl Lowe

Why cockroaches can be good for your health

If you’re disturbed by bugs like cockroaches in your house, scientists at Johns Hopkins have come up with what they say are good reasons not to eradicate these scurrying critters. These insects could improve your family’s health in surprising ways.

Carl Lowe

The Mineral Every Mother Needs

Women intending to get pregnant need to focus on getting plenty of nutrients even before they conceive. Researchers at Penn State have identified one mineral in particular that some women may be neglecting.

Carl Lowe

The food that keeps infants from getting sick

When a baby is first born, his immune system is undeveloped and vulnerable to a host of infections. But research in Denmark shows there’s one food that can help fight off illness and help the baby’s immune system defend against pathogens.

Carl Lowe

The Vitamin That May Keep Away Diabetes

While type 2 diabetes is a distressingly common health risk, 13,000 young people a year develop type 1 diabetes. But a common vitamin may help reduce this risk.

Carl Lowe

Don’t Let Your Doctor Give This Drug To Your Kids

If your child is coughing and suffering a fair amount of pain, doctors often prescribe a drug to suppress the ache and cough. Only problem, say California researchers, is that the drug they dish out can cause life-threatening breathing problems in about 8 percent of the kids who take it.


Carl Lowe

The Toxin In Your Water That Reduces IQ

Had your drinking water tested lately? Research at Columbia University shows that a widespread toxin found in water can hurt memory and intelligence.

Carl Lowe

Dad’s Health Linked To Autism In His Kids

Listen up, dads: A study in Norway suggests that certain aspects of a father’s health can influence the chances that his kids are autistic. To reduce your kids’ risk, there’s one area of health to which you better pay particular attention.

Carl Lowe

The Vitamin That Prevents Cavities

Fluoride is a controversial mineral that is supposed to prevent cavities. But scientists at the University of Washington have discovered a vitamin that stalls tooth decay.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Asthma: A scary epidemic

You can’t live if you can’t breathe. That’s what makes the asthma epidemic so frightening. If you want to keep breathing freely and minimize or avoid this unnerving attack on the airways, here are natural supplements and lifestyle changes you need to implement today.

Carl Lowe

Caffeine: The drug that 2-year-olds take every day

A drug that can cause rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), arrhythmia, high blood pressure, anxiety and hyperactivity now is being taken every day by an increasing number of 2-year-olds. The long-term effects? No one knows, but experts are worried.

Carl Lowe

The Neglected Everyday Danger To Toddlers

Every 22 minutes, a child 5 years old or younger goes to the emergency room because of this common accident. Most parents are clueless about the danger.