Drink More Tea, Less Alcohol To Benefit Your Lungs

A 30-year study of 126,293 individuals shows that drinking too much alcohol independently raises your chance of developing lung cancer. The authors noted that low to moderate intake of alcoholic beverages appeared to have no effect on risk.

“We did not see a relationship between moderate drinking and lung cancer development. So it appears probable that most middle-aged and older moderate drinkers have coronary artery protection and no increased risk of lung cancer risk," said researcher Stanton Siu, M.D.

The scientists also found that women who regularly drank black tea had some level of protection against lung cancer. In both males and females, a large consumption of fruit also appeared to protect the lungs.

The researchers noted that heavy beer-drinking was worse for your lungs than similar amounts of wine or liquor.


Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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