Fast Food And Margarine Marginalize Your IQ, Shrink Your Brain

As you age, your brain may shrink. This shrinkage is linked to reductions in your thinking abilities and mental powers as well as being a sign of an increased risk of Alzheimer’s.

To lower your chances of this disquieting brain development, shun margarine and fast food, and fill your diet with fish, fruits and vegetables. Researchers at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland have found that when your diet is high in the omega-3 fatty acids in fish as well as vitamins C, D, E and B, your brain stays healthier as you age. In contrast, people whose meals frequently contain the trans fats in fast food, baked goods, processed food and margarine are more likely to have shrunken brains and poor scores on thinking tests.

The study involved 104 people with an average age of 87 and very few risk factors for memory and thinking problems. Blood tests were used to determine the levels of various nutrients present in the blood of each participant. All of the participants also took tests of their memory and thinking skills. A total of 42 of the participants had MRI scans to measure their brain volume.


Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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