The five internal cleanses [infographic]

There are several reasons to go on a cleanse such as weight loss, detoxification, or to break food addictions. But the most successful cleanse begins with a deep-seated desire for healing. When wanting to cleanse and heal your body comes from within, then cleansing is always more successful.

Why do I say this?—because for every physical illness, there are mental, spiritual and emotional roots of the illness that must also be cleansed. In the process of cleansing physically, your mind and spirit are re-awakened and rejuvenated, all of which are goals you can accomplish through cleansing.

The 5 internal cleanses [infographic]

How to rejuvenate your body with an internal spring cleaning

It’s a good idea to do a spring cleaning for your body. Once a year you should shake out the internal junk, gunk and “cobwebs” and give your body a huge healing boost.

A juice feast: The easiest gentlest internal cleanse

Juicing is by far the easiest way to cleanse. In addition to freshly juiced fruits and veggies, you can also include soup broths and herbal teas for a slow and gentle detoxification.

How to use the ultra-powerful water cleanse to reverse disease

Like the name suggests, a “water fast” is a cleanse where you consume no calories from food, and you only drink water for at least 3, and up to 14, days. Does that sound crazy and terribly difficult? It’s not, really, because typically by the end of the third day your hunger shuts off as you begin detoxifying.

Four easy cleanses flush toxins and fix digestion

When I began hearing testimonials from my patients about how their skin cleared, their joint health improved, their headaches went away, and their energy levels increased, I became sold on cleansing as a God-given tool to create health when there is illness. Over the past weeks I’ve shown you how to do juice cleanses and water cleanses, and now I want to show you a few more beneficial cleanses for your organ systems.

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