Flavonoid-rich strawberries may help fight diabetes, cognitive decline

Strawberries have an abundance of a flavonoid called fisetin, which Salk Institute Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory researchers have recently found to significantly reduce diabetes symptoms in a mouse model.

In the study, diabetes-prone rodents that were fed the antioxidant still developed the blood sugar disorder, but signs of kidney dysfunction and anxiety were significantly reduced, compared to mice that were fed a regular diet.

Previously, the compound had been shown to have memory-preserving effects.

Authors of the study noted that research supporting the disease-fighting effects of fruits and vegetables has been plentiful and receives extensive media coverage. However, they said that the findings merely support conventional wisdom.

“Eat a balanced diet and as much freshly prepared organic food as possible, get some exercise, keep socially and mentally active, and avoid sodas with sugar and highly processed foods since they can contain high levels of AGEs,” which are advanced glycation end-products, said co-author Pam Maher, Ph.D.

Results of this study suggest that strawberries are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle plan.


Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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