The health benefits of avocados

Healthy fats support immunity, cognitive function, healthy immune response, hormone balance, the cardiovascular system and numerous other areas of health. Bad fats, quite often, do just the opposite.

The health benefits of avocadosSo let’s start with the good kinds of fat. There’s one particular food, high in fat and calories, that may actually help you lose weight, improve your diet, reduce your sugar intake and help your cholesterol.

All hail the mighty avocado.

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The yummy fatty food that improves cholesterol

The medical establishment often obsesses over statin drugs and a low-fat diet for better heart health. But a little fatty treat, the avocado, turns out to be one of the best things you can consume for your heart and arteries.

Avocado with your burger improves health

Next time you down a burger, try putting some avocado on the bun. Research at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), shows that avocado on your beef may curb the production of compounds that contribute to inflammation. Inflammation is a risk factor that may be associated with heart disease and cancer.

Feel full, keep your weight down

Feeling satisfied after a meal is an important way not to overeat and keep your weight under control. Scientists at Loma Linda University have identified an easy trick to help you achieve just that. Just add avocado.

The fatty food that may help you lose weight

The kind of fatty foods you find at fast food joints (like fries) have been linked to weight gain. But there’s another fatty food, the avocado, that may actually help you lose pounds and keep your blood sugar under control.

The vegetable that could save your life

An analysis of data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) shows that one particular food, high in fat and calories, may actually help you lose weight, improve your diet, reduce your sugar intake and help your cholesterol.

The food that makes your vitamins work harder

Just because you consume vitamins doesn’t mean they do you any good. But there’s an important food you should be eating that can help your vitamins keep you healthier.

Best vegetables for sexual health

It’s no news that fruits and vegetables are important for your health. What you may not know, though, is that they’re crucial for your sexual health too. Here’s how to get the most helpful nutrients into your meals.

7 natural ways to boost testosterone

If you’re a man who is worried about low testosterone, you should know about the natural ways to coax your body into producing more of this invaluable hormone. Discover how the right supplements and lifestyle can banish low T to give you a new boost in your daily life.


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