The health benefits of eggs

eat-more-eggs-PINOnce regarded as a food to avoid in a healthy diet, studies in recent years have concluded that many people should eat eggs because they are rich in protein, vitamins and other nutrients.

Below are some articles that will make you rethink the “incredible, edible egg.”

Boost your body’s natural defenses in your quest for better vision

Before you go under the knife or expose your eyes to expensive laser treatment, consider boosting your body’s supply of glutathione that can help you gain sharper vision and healthier eyes.

The paleo superfood that might save your waistline and your life

Among all the foods that the paleo diet embraces, the often underestimated egg can provide huge benefits for controlling your weight, getting crucial nutrients and helping you avoid diabetes and other chronic illness.

The breakfast that fights diabetes

The epidemic of diabetes in the U.S. has fueled an astounding rise in health costs. If you want to protect yourself from this scourge, researchers at the University of Missouri have identified the breakfast foods that lower your risk: A high-protein breakfast containing, eggs, meat or fish.

Foods and supplements for migraine relief

Natural supplements to ease headaches can be as effective as powerful pharmaceutical drugs. Discover how to conquer head pain, avoid the debilitating side effects of drugs and support your overall health at the same time.

The surprising food that controls blood pressure

Scientists at Clemson University have found that a natural chemical, a peptide called RVPSL, can help control your blood pressure. And you probably have a food sitting in your refrigerator right now that is rich in this beneficial substance.

Don’t avoid this fatty food that actually improves health

One in three Americans have metabolic syndrome, a combination of health-risk factors that makes you more vulnerable to heart disease and diabetes. But researchers have found that egg yolks provide nutrients that can help fight the effects of this destructive condition.

Eggs improve your cholesterol

For years, doctors have been telling their patients to give up eggs because eggs contain cholesterol. They believed that eating this source of cholesterol would be dangerous for heart health.The truth of that advice has now been cracked like an eggshell.

Easy Healthy Recipes

When you’re busy and on-the-go, it can be easy to grab a pre-packaged, snack of processed food. That’s why we’ve put together a series of recipes that are quick, healthy and enjoyed by the whole family. Here are some of our favorites.


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