The health benefits of tea

From Chinese tea ceremonies to tea time among the British, drinking tea has served both medicinal and social roles throughout civilization. Tea is a delicious drink, hot or cold, and goes great with crumpets—but it should truly be celebrated for it’s amazing health benefits first recognized by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tea should be celebrated for it’s amazing health benefits.

The natural drink that may postpone mortality

If you like to sip a warm beverage with your dessert, researchers in Paris have found evidence that there’s one in particular that may help prolong your life.

The breakfast drink that battles cancer

If you down a soft drink in the morning to get yourself ready for your day, you’re making a big health mistake. It’s time to switch to a beverage that improves your cancer defenses and doesn’t make you more cancer-prone.

The ‘bad’ and ‘good’ beverages

Everyone has an opinion on what they like to drink. Experts one day like to tell us something is good for us and the next day it is bad. They say beer is bad because of the carbs, and yeast and alcohol; then suddenly they say drink dark beer to help stave off poor eyesight. Very odd, indeed.

The drink that exiles hepatitis from the liver

A hepatitis infection can lead to liver cancer and cirrhosis. To protect your liver, sip the beverage that keeps hepatitis C virus (HCV) from gaining entry to liver cells.

Drink the beverages that boost your hearing

Experts estimate that one of four older Americans suffers tinnitus, a distressing ringing in the ears that can disrupt your life. But a study shows that certain drinks can reduce the risk of this painful distraction.

The paleo drink that does a body great

Improving your health with a paleo diet should include paleo drinks. Here’s a look at a paleo beverage humans have been consuming for at least 5,000 years: It fights cancer, lowers your risk of heart problems, helps you lose weight, strengthens your bones and even sharpens the mind. It should be on your menu every day.

The best tea for men over 50

When you sip a cup of any type of tea, you imbibe a drink that is a wonderful formula of valuable natural chemicals shown to produce a variety health benefits. And if you are a man who wants to venture into middle age with zest, vitality and high energy, there’s one tea that just might be your best brew.

The anti-diabetes foods

If you’ve ever skipped dessert in an effort to lose weight or improve your well-being, British researchers say you can ease back on your deprivations. Pick the right foods for an after-meal treat, and you may decrease your chance of developing diabetes.

Keep blood sugar under control

Can’t resist starchy foods and desserts this holiday season? Research at Penn State demonstrates a tasty way to keep rising blood sugar from harming your body.

Antiviral tips for the winter season, part 2

While the risk of coming down with the flu or a cold increases in the winter, herbs and other natural treatments can help your body defend itself. Here’s a guide to the most effective botanical immunity boosters that just might ease you through the winter months with nary a sneeze or cough.

Reduce tooth damage with green tea

Green tea has a wealth of health benefits: helping to keep eyes healthier, hearts stronger and cancer at bay. And now researchers in Brazil have found another. This beverage may protect your teeth against erosion caused by drinking cola soft drinks.

Green tea boosts your immune system

There have been many studies conducted to determine the health benefits of green tea, many with positive results. Recent research has discovered that one of the compounds found in the tea has an ability to increase regulatory T cells which are instrumental in the suppression of autoimmune diseases and in boosting immune function.

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