The health benefits of walnuts

Hailed as the king of the nuts, every time you crack open a walnut you are consuming numerous health benefits. Not only are they delicious, but a handful of walnuts each day can help improve your heart health and memory, reduce your weight, protect your eyesight, ease rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and more.

Below are some of the most recent articles boasting the health benefits of walnuts that will have you eating them every day:

Snack on a handful of brain-boosting nutrients

Don’t let your intellectual abilities implode. A simple handful of walnuts can help your brain power grow instead of letting it slip slide away as you age.

A super-snack that attacks Alzheimer’s disease

Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at the rate of about one a minute. To shrink your risk, you should eat walnuts as a super-snack that helps the body protect itself against this devastating condition.

Ditch cholesterol statins for these natural solutions

High cholesterol is one of the so-called silent killers. It has visible signs and symptoms in and of itself and so unless there is a blood test, it is difficult to know you have it. However, it can lead to heart attack, which itself is a big symptom that there is a problem.

Foods and medicines for weight loss

The foods you eat can be as important to successful weight loss as the foods you avoid. In this article, I will help you to identify which foods are good for weight loss and which ones are not.

Choose heart-healthy foods

When mainstream doctors suspect heart disease, they immediately turn to drugs for a cure. But the simplest, easiest and tastiest ways to combat heart disease is to eat right.

The tasty snack that takes down diabetes

Snacks can make or break how your body deals with blood sugar. Munch on junk food and your chances of diabetes may increase. But a handful of walnuts improves your odds of avoiding blood sugar complications.

What to eat to avoid prostate tumors

While not everything is in your power, one important factor that is within your control is what you eat. Certain foods can help you to reduce your risk factors for aggressive prostate tumors, as well as improving other aspects of your health.

The snack that protects your heart

For a healthier heart, indulge in the snack food that contains a collection of natural chemicals that provide your heart with jaw-dropping (and blood pressure-dropping) benefits.

The food that helps you live longer

If you want to live longer, researchers have identified that walnuts can keep you alive and kicking. And you only have to eat a handful a day.

Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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