The heart attack drink

What kind of beverage do you sip during the day? Turns out, research at the University of Iowa shows that a common drink can seriously increase your risk of a heart attack.

The study demonstrated that during the nine-year study, a postmenopausal woman who downed two or more diet soft drinks daily boosted her heart attack risk by 30 percent compared to someone who never touched the stuff. These drinks also increased the risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease by 50 percent.

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“Our findings are in line with and extend data from previous studies showing an association between diet drinks and metabolic syndrome,” says researcher Ankur Vyas, M.D. “We were interested in this research because there was a relative lack of data about diet drinks and cardiovascular outcomes and mortality.”

The data in the study was compiled from 59,614 participants in the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study.

It showed that 8.5 percent of the women consuming two or more diet drinks a day suffered congestive heart failure, heart attacks, coronary revascularization procedures, ischemic strokes, peripheral arterial disease and cardiovascular death during the study compared to 6.9 percent in the five-to-seven diet drinks per week group; 6.8 percent in the one-to-four drinks per week group; and 7.2 percent in the zero-to-three per month group.

The average age for the women in the study was about 63 years.

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Carl Lowe

By Carl Lowe

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