Home Appliances May Threaten The Health Of Babies In The Womb

Wireless devices and household appliances throw off magnetic fields that you can’t see or touch. But that energy can throw off the health of a fetus.

Researchers have discovered that pregnant women exposed to magnetic fields emitted by appliances like curling irons, heating pads, vibrating massagers, electric blankets, heated water beds, sound systems, computers, televisions, humidifiers, microwave ovens and electric stoves have a greater chance of having children destined to become obese and suffer other health problems.

During the study, published in Nature’s Scientific Reports, women carried a meter measuring magnetic field levels during pregnancy. The study had been going on for 13 years. Kids who were exposed in utero to moderate electrical fields had a 50 percent increased risk of being obese or overweight. Kids with the highest exposure to magnetic fields had an 84 percent increased risk.

“Pregnancy is a critical developmental stage that is among the most vulnerable periods to environmental exposures,” says De-Kun Li, a perinatal epidemiologist and the lead author of the study. “These findings indicate that electromagnetic fields, from microwave ovens to countless wireless devices, may be contributing to childhood obesity risk. This finding could have implications for possibly reducing childhood obesity and better understanding the obesity epidemic. Like any scientific discoveries, the results need to be replicated by other studies.”

Magnetic Fields And Health

The researchers also noted a relationship between magnetic fields and diabetes, high glucose levels and ADHD in humans and animal test subjects found in previous studies.

“EMF exposure during pregnancy could impact the fetal development, including endocrine and metabolic systems, predisposing offspring to higher risk of obesity,” Li says.

While the researchers say there is no need to panic and shun the wired world altogether, it may be a good idea for pregnant women to stay vigilant about limiting exposure to magnetic fields. They should never use an electric blanket, leave the room while the microwave is running and perhaps forgo the use of a hair dryer.

Sam Rolley

By Sam Rolley

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