Homeopathy: The Forbidden Medicine

Homeopathy may be the most suppressed alternative medicine. Conventional doctors don’t understand homeopathy, so they’re against it. What’s lost in those mainstream objections: useful information about its effectiveness and safety.

Learning Curve

I have learned over the years to inquire about whatever treatments establishment medicine opposes. Since we have a drug culture created by the pharmaceutical trust, we can be certain that any non-drug therapy will be vigorously opposed by the Food and Drug Administration and the police power behind it.

I personally know of and have used a skin cancer cream very successfully. It was distributed by an individual who happened to have an herb formula that was perfect. Well, the FDA health police showed up at her door, asked for her stock and ordered her to cease her distribution of the product. Luckily, I had bought a few containers ahead of time that I gave to people who needed the cream.

Medical Therapy

Maybe the most suppressed alternative medicine is homeopathy. A century ago, homeopathy constituted at least half the medical therapy in the United States. But it is non-drug, so it has been systematically suppressed. There is almost a complete ignorance of homeopathy in the United States. Really, it’s too simple to believe that it can work.

Most of you who are interested in alternative medicine at least know that the potency (potentization) of homeopathy preparations is inversely determined. This means that the more that solutions are diluted, the more potency of healing they have. I have a hard time understanding this myself.

Homeopathic practice is based on a single law of therapeutics called the Law of Similars. This law states that a substance that can cause the symptoms of a disease can also cure it.

In fact, that is exactly what the word homeopathy means, similar (homeo) suffering (pathy). There are many homeopathic principles used in allopathy, but conventional doctors are oblivious to them.

Homeopathic Preparation

The process of preparing homeopathic therapies is puzzling to most medical people simply because they perceive the ultra-dilutions as non-substantive and really nonsense. They believe the ultra-dilutions are so dilute that they cannot possibly contain a single molecule of the original substance, but they are still potent therapeutically — in fact, very potent.

This says two things: One, there is no drug; and two, these preparations are safe. I have never read about anyone being harmed by homeopathic medicine.

I have one big thing going for me. I don’t let science or proof get in my way. If something works, nothing else matters to me. I don’t have to understand it or even believe it. I am not a good patient for conventional medicine.

The primary and fundamental philosophy of conventional allopathy medicine is harmful. It simply is a drug system of suppressing symptoms. What makes this system work is that it gives temporary relief by suppressing symptoms. Suppressive drugs must be taken again and again. Repeat business builds the drug culture.

Now, do you suppose that the people in the inner sanctums of the drug cartel know how their drugs create repeat business over and over?


Bob Livingston

By Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston has been writing most of his adult life on matters of health, nutritional supplements, natural alternatives and social importance.