In the Kitchen with Kelley: Frosted grapes drizzled in dark chocolate

Frosted grapes drizzled in dark chocolate may be the best new experience of this summer for me.

It’s a fruit dessert recipe — so that’s good. It’s a fruit containing resveratrol — and that’s even better because that means with each bite I’m staving off harmful inflammation that can lead to Alzheimer’s. And the dark chocolate drizzle? Well, that just seals the deal.

All of these things come together to create something good and a little sweet I can feel good about enjoying — and you can too, because these are quick and easy to make. My only word of advice is to prepare just two servings at a time (about 20 grapes) in case your willpower tends to get the best of you.

You’ll notice this healthier dessert recipe calls for coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is a sweetener most people put in the same category as honey. It is healthier than refined white sugar, but you should still consume it in moderation. There is a little bit of conflicting information about it among nutritionists, but most experts believe it carries a lower glycemic load. Coconut sugar contains a fiber called inulin that may slow its glucose absorption.

But the coconut sugar is optional.  You may find the natural sweetness of the grapes and dark chocolate drizzle enough to please your taste buds. You could even try a variation where instead of coconut sugar, you shake the grapes in finely chopped nuts, like walnuts or almonds. That would fit the bill to make it the kind of dessert that, according Margaret Cantwell, can help you maintain a healthier diet and still lose weight.

Frosted grapes drizzled in dark chocolate
  • 1 bunch of red grapes, rinsed
  • 1-2 tablespoons of coconut sugar (optional)
  • 2 tablespoons of melted dark chocolate
  1. Rinse grapes and place them on a paper towel. Pat them dry — a little — but leave them a bit moist.
  2. Place the grapes in a large re-sealable plastic bag. Pour in the sugar and shake to coat the grapes.
  3. Place the bag of grapes in the freezer for a few hours. I try to lay it flat so I don’t end up with a giant blob of grapes.
  4. When you are ready to eat them, melt your chocolate squares in the microwave for a few seconds at a time. If your dark chocolate seems to dry, add coconut oil till you get your desired consistency.
  5. Remove grapes from freezer and drizzle with chocolate.



Kelley Martin

By Kelley Martin

Kelley Martin is an award-winning journalist who has been covering the news for more than 20 years. She cooks for her family, and she shares recipes with the readers of Easy Health Options™.