Look At Ingredients, Not Names, When Choosing Healthy Options

Today, many restaurants and food companies place labels on their products to imply that the item is healthy when some of them may be high-calorie foods masquerading as "salads" or "smoothies."

Researchers at the University of South Carolina recently found that consumers who are on a diet are more likely to choose a fattening dish when it is labeled with a name that implies healthy eating.

"Over time, dieters learn to focus on simply avoiding foods that they recognize as forbidden based on product name," said study authors. "Thus, dieters likely assume that an item assigned an unhealthy name, for example, pasta, is less healthy than an item assigned a healthy name, for example, salad."

In the trial, participants were more likely to choose a pasta- and meat-filled dish if it was called a "salad," and consumed more candy if it was labeled a "fruit chew."

Authors of the study noted that today's market shelves are packed with items like fried veggie chips, calorie-laden smoothies and sugary flavored waters, all of which send a message of health to consumers, when they promote anything but physical well-being.  


Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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