Obese Or Overweight Individuals Should Try Specific Combination Of Diet, Exercise

In an experiment that was conducted by researchers at the Montreal Heart Institute, it was shown that combining interval training with foods associated with Mediterranean lifestyle can effectively help people who are overweight or obese lose excess body fat.

In a nine-month study of 62 individuals, the participants lost an average of 5.5 percent of their body mass, reduced their waist circumference by about 5 percent and improved their ability to exercise by 15 percent.

Additionally, they reduced their harmful LDL cholesterol levels by 7 percent, and experienced a rise in healthy HDL cholesterol by about 8 percent.

Interval training consists of alternating short spurts of intense cardiovascular exercise followed by periods of less strenuous effort. The Mediterranean diet is largely made up of fruits, vegetables, seafood and olive oil.

"It has been clearly demonstrated that obesity increases the risk of health problems, particularly of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, hypertension and certain types of cancer," explains Martin Juneau, M.D., director of prevention at the Montreal Heart Institute. 


Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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