Older Veterans Enjoy Benefits Of Yoga

In an Indiana University study, researchers showed that older war veterans who had experienced a stroke were able to significantly improve their balance and endurance with simple, modified yoga exercises.

The trial involved 20 participants — one of whom was a woman — who participated in two hour-long yoga sessions per week for two months.

Using the Berg Balance Scale, the researchers concluded that the veterans improved their stability by 17 percent, and the Fullerton Advance Balance Scale revealed a 34 percent improvement by the end of the study period.

Following the basic tenants of yoga, the instructor modified the poses to suit the abilities of the veterans.

"Everything was modified because we wanted them to be successful on day one," said lead researcher Arlene A. Schmid. "Everyone could be successful at some level."

Moreover, study authors said that the veterans were enthusiastic about the practice, even asking for the classes to continue or for instruction on doing the poses at home. Schmid noted that this was likely a desire to further the improvements they made during the two-month trial.


Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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