Oral Chelation With EDTA

Chelation therapy is an artery cleanout alternative to bypass heart surgery. Since bypass surgery is the most profitable income to hospitals, a big propaganda effort by orthodox medicine against chelation therapy is ongoing and has been for many years.

Medical doctors who practice intravenous (IV) chelation keep a low profile because of pressure and harassment from the medical establishment.

Oral chelation is a safe and noninvasive way to boost circulation and reduce plaque and toxins in your circulatory system. It can work miracles over time. It is usually taken by mouth in capsule form. The basis of oral chelation is most often a simple acid ethylene-diamine-tetraacetic acid (EDTA).

Chelation was originally created to remove heavy metals that accumulate in the arteries from the industrial use of paints and other materials. It was discovered that workers who had heart trouble got much better while taking EDTA (chelation therapy) to remove heavy metals. The chelation therapy would bind to organic molecules and purge the arteries clean naturally, renewing the artery system.

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Long History

The long history of chelation’s efficacy is proven and the benefits well-known, but often controversial with the conventional medical establishment.

IV and oral chelation, even with medical blackout, have become strong alternatives to surgery over the past 60 years. Chelation is inexpensive and noninvasive and works all over your body.

Clogged arteries seem to come with aging. Oral chelation has been the answer for improved circulation for millions of people.

The powerful chelation formulas help support cardiovascular health and promote healthy circulation

The American Medical Association has approved IV EDTA chelation for the removal of toxic metals. But we have the history to prove that chelation helps promote peripheral circulation, which is basic to life, health and longevity.

The American College of Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) estimates that at least a million patients have received more than 10 million IV chelation treatments without a single fatality. The record for oral chelation is even more exciting since it is safe, inexpensive, easy and something you can do in your own home without needles or doctors.

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Bob Livingston

By Bob Livingston

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