Overcome cancer dangers without dangerous cancer drugs

Everyone respects the good people searching for cancer cures. But the accelerating cost of cancer drugs? Even oncologists are saying enough is enough.

In fact a group of cancer doctors put together a report on how drug companies are gouging cancer patients with overpriced drugs. The report, in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, discusses the ways in which these high prices are complicating cancer care in the U.S.

The doctors say the pharmaceutical industry’s argument that the inflated prices of these drugs goes to pay for research and development doesn’t cut it. Plus, although competition in the marketplace is supposed to control prices, these companies are not operating in a free market.

If you’ve got cancer and you’re undergoing any form of treatment, you’ll be happy to learn that there are natural ways to help fight – and prevent – cancer.

These natural and “alternative” therapies will have either direct anti-cancer properties or will work by assisting your body’s natural mechanisms to fight the cancer.

Amino assistance

One of the easiest to afford and follow is the Rath Amino Acids protocol. The Rath protocol is intended to stop cancer from spreading by cutting off its path to other tissues and organs. So it fights cancer all by itself, and it can also aid other kinds of cancer therapies as well.

You take a mixture of vitamin C (14,000 mg/day), L-Lysine (12,000 mg/day), L-Proline (2,000 mg/day), L-Arginine (2,000 mg/day), a green tea extract called EGCG (or green tea itself), and Coenzyme Q10 (480 mg/day).

Fasting and detoxification

Water and juice fasting can cleanse the digestive tract and liver better than any other method. This step is important, because many cancers begin with mutated cells whose DNA has been damaged by exposure in today’s world.

Dr. Michael Cutler has often shared with you the importance of a liquid cleanse, and he’s created a special report that you can get right here. Don’t be scared of this, and please keep your skepticism to a minimum until you have read about it and tried it.


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