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poor-moms_300We have reported to you for several years the very high risk of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). In the United States, HRT simply means prescription for synthetic estrogen.

So-called estrogen therapy has probably caused the deaths of more women than wars (since the Civil War) have killed men. And it’s still going on with the blessings of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in spite of years of scientific evidence that HRT causes cancer and heart attacks.

Even after the Journal of the American Medical Association published that HRT grossly increases the risk of many types of cancers and heart attacks, leading gynecologists around the country kept prescribing synthetic estrogen.

Can the death of tens of thousands of women on the altar of conventional medicine be justified any more than the murders of young men in war? Calling HRT “medical treatment” does not in any way or under any pretense justify murder.

And the fact that both the women and their doctors are ignorant of what they are doing does not change the charge of murder. Realism is rare in our Orwellian world.

Medical Advice

The phrase “my doctor told me” may be the most seductive and dangerous phrase in the English language for our moms. God bless them, why won’t they read? It’s only their life!

Inexpensive and simple modalities cry out for prevention and reversal of cancer. Most doctors will not agree to any treatment unless it is prescription drugs. Follow the money!

Balanced nutrition plus natural progesterone supplementation not only can prevent cancer but actually reverses pre-malignant cells as well as diagnosed cancer.

What is balanced nutrition? As applied to cancer, it is natural complexes such as folic acid (folate) and vitamins A, C and E. These should not be isolated synthetics. Folate is crucial in prevention and in returning early cancer cells back to normal cells.

Folic acid is also very important in protecting blood vessels against the damage from the amino acid homocysteine that leads to heart disease.

Synthetic estrogen “therapy” leads to estrogen dominance and cancer. What can be done to counteract this? The answer is natural progesterone.

Cancer is systemic. This means that when we have cancer, we have it all over. This, of course, makes surgery a cruel joke. We have cancer at all ages because of malfunctions of our biochemistry, mostly due to bad diet and widespread synthetic estrogen therapy.

How many women would have a hysterectomy if their surgeon called it what it is: female castration. And did your doctor tell you that without your ovaries, you are at a higher than normal risk for both osteoporosis and heart disease — a far greater threat than ovarian cancer.

The power of the medical monopoly in the United States rests in omission as well as commission.

The commission of malpractice is the overmedication with synthetic estrogen — the very same estrogen used to fatten beef cattle and also used in birth control pills. The omission is not educating patients on the very great importance of natural progesterone therapy.

Estrogen Dominance

The central and fundamental cause of the cancer epidemic in the United States is estrogen dominance in the human system. This is caused by widespread synthetic estrogen therapy on women as well as saturation of food and fiber with xenoestrogens (pronounced “zeno estrogens”), i.e., bad synthetic estrogens in all kinds of household and commercial chemicals.

Estrogen dominance applies to all ages, both female and male as well as all children. This is a great source to feed the cancer industry. Who is telling this story to the American people?

The answers for estrogen dominance are balanced nutrition, as discussed above, and persistent and ongoing use of natural progesterone by women and men. We emphasize natural progesterone, not artificial progestin (prescription medicine).

Establishment medicine knows exactly what is stated above. The problem is that natural progesterone is not a patented drug and not under the police power of the FDA. Therefore, as the knowledge of the serious therapeutic benefits of natural progesterone becomes generally known, we can expect natural progesterone to become limited and controlled by prescription.

Natural progesterone is for both men and women, as it produces no secondary sex characteristics. It causes neither feminization nor masculinization. Its most basic role appears to be as a precursor of the natural production of virtually all of the other adrenal steroids, including cortisone, androstenedione, testosterone and the natural estrogens (estrone, estradiol and estriol).

Both sexes begin to lose their natural production of progesterone at about age 40. Just look at the difference! Synthetic estrogen causes obesity, blood clots, strokes, epilepsy, uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast, breast and uterine cancer, PMS, osteoporosis, depression and emotional breakdown, water retention, decreased libido, irregular and/or excessive menstrual bleeding, craving for sweets, and excess deposition of fat — especially around the hips and thighs.

Medical Excuse

The medical excuse for overprescribing synthetic estrogen has been to prevent osteoporosis and heart disease in women after menopause. That’s unbelievable, considering the danger of its killing in so many other ways.

Estrogen does not stop or reverse osteoporosis, and the progestins in HRT could give you a heart attack. After years of touting estrogen as a heart protector, it has been discounted in the medical community.

Natural progesterone, on the other hand, has many positive benefits for both males and females at all ages. These include water metabolism (especially excretion of water and sodium), increasing libido, balancing thyroid function, assisting in the metabolism of fat for energy, helping cells use oxygen and stimulating bone growth. Natural progesterone does reverse osteoporosis, causing the actual regeneration of bone tissue. There is absolutely no doubt about this.

Progesterone protects against strokes, and excellent studies show natural progesterone to be a heart protective. Progesterone inhibits atherogenesis, the formation of plaque-building cholesterol; and these plaque deposits can eventually lead to the blockages that cause a heart attack.

In summary, the cancer crisis is directly related to unopposed synthetic estrogen dominance. The answer is balanced nutrition and especially natural progesterone for males and females at all ages.

Bob Livingston

By Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston has been writing most of his adult life on matters of health, nutritional supplements, natural alternatives and social importance.