Prostate Health And Natural Progesterone

prostate-health-and-natural-progesterone_300From the research findings of Dr. John R. Lee:

Natural progesterone may be the absolute best anti-cancer transdermal that we have. Progesterone may also be the best natural therapy to reverse cancer.

Men, think natural progesterone to prevent and treat prostate cancer. Whereas women should leave off their application of progesterone a few days each month, men should take or rub it on every day. It only takes a small dab the size of a pea, according to Lee. What in the world could be simpler or easier?

Now just think how many women have been “treated” with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) estrogen, resulting in cancer and death. Even now, they are still doing it in the face of massive evidence against HRT estrogen therapy.

Go Natural

We write here about natural progesterone, not synthetic.

The male hormone, testosterone, is antagonist to estradiol (estrogen). Testosterone prevents estradiol from causing prostate cancer by destroying the prostate cancer cells it stimulates.

Cancer appears when there is an error in natural cell death. Normal cells are supposed to die at their appointed maturity. This natural cell death is a process called apoptosis. If it fails, we have runaway cell growth or cancer.

Testosterone diminishes with age unless we take a supplement in the form of transdermal cream testosterone, available by prescription. Normal testosterone offsets estrogen, but as we age, we have to rebalance with natural progesterone according to Lee.

The use of natural progesterone is most important in men and women, especially seniors age 50 and older.

Balancing Act

Remember this: All cells, with the exception of brain and muscle cells, multiply continuously. Natural cell death, apoptosis, is crucially important. The balancing of estradiol with natural progesterone was basic to the late Lee’s successful research and medical practice.

We emphasize that all males older than 50 should be using a small amount (pea size) of transdermal progesterone daily.

The fact is that our whole acid food diet supplies us with too much estrogen, which leads to a condition called estrogen dominance.

Cell overgrowth not only applies to male prostate enlargement but to other diseases like neuro-degeneration, autoimmunity, heart disease, etc. The lesson here is use natural progesterone to balance estradiol dominance.


Bob Livingston

By Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston has been writing most of his adult life on matters of health, nutritional supplements, natural alternatives and social importance.