Protecting Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s

Natural chemicals in apples, grapes and wine called polyphenols can help protect your brain against Alzheimer’s. But not all of those beneficial chemicals reach the brain unless you consume these foods the right way.

The trick is to consume foods with polyphenols every day for at least two weeks. Research indicates that while these helpful substances may not get to the brain on the first day you ingest them, by the tenth day or so, they will cross the blood/brain barrier in force.

Laboratory research at Purdue and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that polyphenols from grapeseed extract reaching the brain was up to 200 percent higher on the 10th day of consumption than the first.

“This shows that reasonable and chronic consumption of these products may be the way to go, rather than single, high doses, similar to drugs,” says researcher Mario Ferruzzi. “It’s like eating an apple a day, not a case of apples over two days every month.”


Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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