The road to health doesn’t fork

The road to health doesn’t fork. That doesn’t mean the path you’re on doesn’t.

The standard American diet is low in nutrition but high in calories. This is a fatal combination for the people, but a boon to the medical establishment that profits off our poor health. That’s because most Americans who experience health problems run to the physician in search of diagnosis and cure.

The physician, indoctrinated by years of “schooling” developed by the pharmaceuticals, is all too happy to prescribe a drug because doctors are taught in medical school to do differential diagnoses which almost always end in either a drugs or surgery. So the people, taught from young age to always “ask your doctor,” most often get an answer in the form of a drug they are assured will “cure” them, even though it was never designed to do so.

So for this reason, your path forks… there’s a path that says it can heal you with drugs and vaccinations–and that’s the one you’re being forced down. But the one true road to good health is paved with proper nutrition.

The most a drug can do is mask symptoms. But people falsely believe that if symptoms are gone, the sickness or malady is gone. This makes modern medicine a world-class hoax.

Same with vaccines. Vaccines are a for-profit assault upon the bodies of infants, children and adults. Legally speaking, under the pretense of immunization health, almost all ages are under assault. “The lowest forms of filth known to man are injected into the unknowing population.” (From the book, “Bacteria, Inc.”)

We are told and intimidated by medical propaganda over and over that we must be protected internally from diseases that originate in the external environment. Against the assault of these “microscopic organism” bacteria, we are told that we must protect ourselves with immunizing shots for smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid, colds, influenza, pneumonia, scarlet fever, whooping cough and many other invading armies of disease microbes.

Vaccines kill natural immunity. Natural exposure to “germs” in childhood can lead to natural immunity and long-term health. Health authorities kill infectious microorganisms with the mass use of multiple vaccines. But studies show that even the so-called “bad germs” are necessary for good health.

All authority from the federal government down to the clinics and school personnel embrace this myth as gospel. And the federal government, in symbiotic fraternity with the drug cartel, even pays for many shots. The people, sick and poor, don’t have a chance against this assault. Why do they not guarantee us lives that are disease free? Where is the “Science of Preventive Medicine”?

If you have bought into the myth of drugs and vaccines you are seeking health that you will never find. You will only progressively fill up your body with poison; for that is exactly what drugs are. Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food if you want peak immunity.

In short, food heals. Studies show that vitamins and minerals found in healthy food and natural supplements prevent, cure and/or reduce complications of most diseases.

There are dangers found in transfatty acids, hydrogenated and synthetic white flour products and pasteurized milk and the thousands of foodless foods Americans consume; i.e, those found in the center aisles of the grocery stores or delivered out of the fast food window. So what I hope to do here is lead you toward the nirvana of peak health and immunity and away from the sickness system of the pharmaceutical/medical cartel and the standard American diet.

So how do we achieve peak health and immunity? How do we make our immune systems so strong and healthy we could sleep with people dying with “contagious disease” and never even get sick? This includes the disease du jour, Zika – or Ebola, SARS, H1N1, avian flu, the common cold or whatever.

It starts with a rested body and a healthy, alkaline diet. Higher alkalization means more oxygen and more oxygen signifies higher immunity.

For an alkaline diet we must consume whole, organic, nutrient-rich foods, mostly from raw, living sources. When you eat more than 50 percent raw foods you can stop the inflammation triggered by processed, refined or even cooked or baked foods.

Our diet should be 80 percent vegetables (organic) with only 20 percent meats (preferably free range and not exposed to GMOs or antibiotics). If you are looking for a “diet plan” to help you, check out The Part-Time Health Nut, by Dr. Michael Cutler. Avoid anything processed, which creates acidity in the body. Acidity leads to disease, as does vitamin deficiency.

You should also avoid genetically modified foods and work to alter the disease-inducing toxins you are exposed to in your environment. It’s not easy to do without help, and that’s why I wrote my book, Genetically-Modified Foods and Other Deadly Poisons.  It will help you to poison-proof your life and improve your health.

As I reported to readers of The Bob Livingston Letter (subscription required) back in 2012, I went on a whole foods diet in January of that year and lost 25 pounds within a few months and by September was completely cured of debilitating neuropathy and I had rid myself of a serious subclinical infection that had plagued me for 15 years which none of the doctors I saw (and I saw many) could help me with.

So take control of your health by changing your diet and, if you are on prescription medications, by working to ditch those prescriptions (but not all at once.) Find an alternative medicine or integrative medicine doctor to help you with that. Masking disease is the central premise of allopathic medicine. But getting to the root cause of your illness is a central premise of alternative medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

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Bob Livingston

By Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston has been writing most of his adult life on matters of health, nutritional supplements, natural alternatives and social importance.