7 foods that fight allergies [infographic]

Spring and summer are fun-filled seasons, but for those with allergies to pollen, grasses and other airborne triggers, it’s hardly a time to celebrate. Pollen counts are packing a serious punch this year, and people across the country are reeling from the effects like itchy, watery eyes; sneezing; congestion and stuffiness. While over-the-counter drugs can provide some relief, these medications also come with side effects like drowsiness and brain fog.

7 Foods that fight allergiesRather than stocking up on prescription and over-the-counter drugs to suppress allergic reactions, we can address seasonal allergies with holistic approaches and treat some of the imbalances that lie at the root of these difficult problems. In the process, we also increase our overall health and vitality, allowing us to make the most of the beautiful spring and summer seasons.

Below are some of our favorite articles for dealing with seasonal allergies, recognizing allergy symptoms and natural treatments for allergies:

Natural help for today’s all-year allergy afflictions

Spring isn’t the only allergy season anymore … Allergies are now an all-year affliction. We have toxic molds, pests, food allergies, pet allergies … even our genes can trigger reactions to allergens.

Eat the allergy-fighting foods

If your nose runs and your eyes itch from spring allergies, you can cut back on your suffering with the best allergy-fighting foods. Here are the powerful antioxidant superfoods that can help you explore the outdoors with considerably less discomfort.

Natural ways to relieve stuffy sinuses

Few conditions are more annoying than stuffy sinuses. But a variety of natural solutions can restore your breathing and relieve that awful pain. Take a look at what you can do, and which nutrients or herbs you can take, to make that achy fullness disappear while restoring free breathing.

The anti-allergy diet: Foods and supplements to alleviate seasonal allergies

Spring is here and it’s time to fight back against allergies. Eating the right foods, taking the proper supplements and even indulging in the most beneficial exercises can spell allergy relief. Learn how to keep your allergy symptoms under control so you can stop and smell the roses without a runny nose or congestion.

Natural relief for sinusitis and allergies

As the spring weather warms, sinuses clog. One of every seven Americans suffers the pain of chronic sinusitis as plants fill the air with allergens. But help is available: Natural therapies not only offer long-term support for sinuses but can improve your overall health, too.

The subtle impact of allergies

If you’re like me, you love the foods you love—even if they give you a stomach ache later. But what if I told you these very foods could lead to chronic illness instead of just momentary discomfort? Would you keep right on eating them or would you stop?

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