A ‘shot’ of head to toe rejuvenation

A life well lived is worth the price of aging.

But wouldn’t it be nice if our joints didn’t deteriorate… our hair didn’t fall out… and we could still show that special someone just how much we care with a little more passion in the bedroom?

These are issues that weigh heavy for both men and women. Do you just have to accept them?

I don’t think so.

So today, let’s get frank and talk about how you can experience head to toe rejuvenation with PRP injections

What are PRP injections?

The use of autologous platelet rich plasma (taken from your own blood) for tissue repair started in the 1990’s.

Now, PRP injections are used with impressive results to reverse tendon and joint inflammation, hair loss and sexual dysfunction in men and women.

Platelets and growth factors from your own blood stimulate a stem cell response, which grows new tissue where it is injected. PRP also stimulates collagen and blood vessels. It is your own blood so there is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection. Ten ml (1 vial) of your blood is drawn, centrifuged, and the platelet rich and fibrin rich portion of the blood plasma is retrieved for treatment by injection.

PRP for joint or tendon healing

PRP injections for joint healing is better that prolotherapy, which I’ve previously written about. Prolotherapy uses dextrose or ozone injections to stimulate new cell proliferation in chronically painful joints, ligaments and tendons. Optimal results of prolotherapy are seen with 3 to 6 injections done 3 to 6 weeks apart.

PRP injections are stronger, more bioactive, and requires fewer treatments than prolotherapy. PRP injections increase blood supply and collagen growth and metabolic activity for greater elasticity, strength and cell growth.

Insurances are likely to reimburse for PRP joint injections, but if not, will cost more out of pocket than prolotherapy.

If your symptoms have lasted more than weeks, here are some reasons to get PRP for joint, tendon, or scar injections:

  • Shoulder tendonitis/tendinopathy or torn shoulder ligaments (rotator cuff)
  • Tennis elbow
  • Wrist or thumb tenosynovitis
  • Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis
  • Knee tendonitis, torn knee ligaments (cruciate, meniscus)
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Degenerative arthritis of the shoulder, back, hip, knee, ankle, or foot
  • Scars

PRP for hair restoration

Male pattern and female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) are believed to be due to a combination of genetics and effects of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on the hair follicle’s pilo-sebaceous unit. Treatments can include minoxidil, finasteride, hair transplant surgery or PRP.

PRP treatments to the scalp have been studied clinically and found to increase hair regrowth significantly and safely in androgenetic alopecia (hair loss) — both male-pattern baldness and alopecia areata typically found in women.

You can expect to see the full effect of hair growth in 3 months. It lasts 6-9 months in male-pattern baldness with most getting very good results. In women results are even better: it lasts 18 months, with 75% of women getting a 90% improvement in hair restoration.

PRP for sexual dysfunction

For men, PRP injections can effectively treat erectile dysfunction. It is affectionately termed the “P” (for priapism, which means persistent erection) shot.  It causes growth of new tissue lasting for up to 18 months, resulting in firmer, larger, longer-lasting and more frequent erections.

After applying a numbing cream, 6 injections of 1 ml of PRP is injected into strategic locations of the corpus cavernosum (shaft) of the penis. There is a 10% chance of scar formation from the shots.

For women, PRP can be injected for vaginal wall rejuvenation to treat Female Sexual Arousal Disorder, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, Orgasmic Disorder, and Dyspareunia (painful intercourse).

Menopause can rob women of the ability to maintain a healthy sex life. Thinning of the vaginal tissue can make intercourse painful. PRP injections can help…

Affectionately termed the “O” (orgasm) shot, PRP injections cause greater sexual arousal, tighter and smoother vaginal opening, stronger and more frequent orgasm, and less pain with intercourse. After applying a numbing cream, PRP is injected fairly superficially around the clitoris and vaginal walls. There are essentially no adverse effects.

Now you are getting an idea of the many ways PRP injections can be used to regenerate and revitalize many areas of your own body.

To your long-term health and to feeling good,

Michael Cutler, M.D.

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Dr. Michael Cutler

By Dr. Michael Cutler

Dr. Michael Cutler is a graduate of Tulane University School of Medicine and is a board-certified family physician with more than 20 years of experience. He serves as a medical liaison to alternative and traditional practicing physicians. His practice focuses on an integrative solution to health problems. Dr. Cutler is a sought-after speaker and lecturer on experiencing optimum health through natural medicines and founder of the original Easy Health Options™ newsletter — an advisory on natural healing therapies and nutrients. His current practice is San Diego Integrative Medicine, near San Diego, California.