Big Pharma

Margaret Cantwell

Is your medicine a prescription for amnesia?

My first memory was waking up, and slowly realizing my family surrounded my bed. I didn’t understand why they were asking if I was ok. And I didn’t remember the evening before. I threw the pill bottle out that very day and never had it refilled. The last thing I needed was a prescription for amnesia.

Easy Health Options Staff

You’re right — it’s all a big lie to grab your money

If you have ever wondered if that drug the doctor is offering you will really work… if want to know how far the drug companies will go to lie to you, deceive you, and grab all of your money that they can, keep reading.

Bob Livingston

The absurd reason your drugs could be cheaper

The FDA allows cancer drug manufacturers to earn extra profits by refusing to force them to make this one change that would cut down on the drug waste costing insurance companies, the government and American patients billions.

Sam Rolley

Is your prescription really helping?

A doctor in the United Kingdom is sounding the alarm about a health epidemic that’s “costing hundreds of thousands of lives” throughout the world. The culprit he’s identified will shock you.

Carl Lowe

Push back against Big Pharma’s push to get everyone on prescription drugs

The shifting strategies of the big drug companies to lure many of us into using an endless round of drugs is like a slow-motion chess match. And if you don’t think through your next move, you could end up on a path of destruction paved with pills.

Bob Livingston

The CDC is in bed with Big Pharma

The CDC gets millions of dollars annually from Big Pharma and then turns around and recommends testing and drugs created and marketed by those same companies.