Jenny Smiechowski

Supersize your stamina with chocolate

If you’re looking to boost your athletic performance you could start a rigorous training schedule that includes cardio, strength training and agility exercises… or you could eat some dark chocolate.

Easy Health Options Staff

Is chocolate real or an illusion?

Can you imagine a world without chocolate? Is chocolate just an illusion? Do we really know what the delicious flavor of chocolate is? Researchers have analyzed the mouth-watering taste and smell of cocoa and discovered the supposedly well-known flavor of chocolate is…

Easy Health Options Staff

7 reasons you should eat more chocolate

What’s the healthiest bean in the world? There’s good evidence that it’s the cocoa bean, the stuff that chocolate is made of. And research has cemented chocolates reputation as a food with remarkable effects.

Carl Lowe

The reason some foods make your brain feel fuzzy

The 100 trillion microorganisms that inhabit your intestines don’t just affect your digestion; they also influence how you think. And if you don’t feed them foods they like, they can take it out on your brain.

Bob Livingston

Chocolate: Not all bad, but choose wisely

The craving for chocolate is one of the most common and difficult to resist of all food cravings. But not all chocolate is created equal. Choose the right chocolate for your health.

Carl Lowe

Chocolate eases leg pain

If you have leg pains when you walk, a study in Italy shows that chocolate may help relieve that discomfort. In some cases, it may help you walk further, longer and with less distress.