Easy Health Options Staff

Tennis elbow pain not just for athletes

As the weather warms, you’re probably going to be working out, playing more sports, using those legs and especially arms even more than before. But if your elbows start to ache remember that drugs won’t really let you get past the pain. Try this…

Dr. Terry Wahls

5 steps to speed recovery from concussions and traumatic brain injury

Concussions and traumatic brain injury, or TBIs, affect over a million Americans every year. The vast majority are relatively mild, not requiring hospitalization. However, even in these mild concussions, over 75% will develop chronic pain, problems with memory and attention, irritability, and other neurocognitive issues.

Dr. Michael Cutler

Cutting-edge therapy stimulates tissue growth to ease joint pain

Do you suffer from recurring back pain, joint pain, or other joint injuries that just don’t seem to heal? Then this simple intervention could give you a world of relief.

Carl Lowe

The substance that protects the brain from trauma

When researchers in California studied the victims of traumatic brain injuries, they made a surprising discovery about what can help you survive one of these often-fatal mishaps.

Dr. Mark Wiley

Natural topical antiseptic agents

Skin infections are easy to get, yet hard to clear up. The important thing when dealing with a potential cutaneous infection is to address it right away–especially one that has the potential to become serious.

Cara McCarthy

Don’t let dehydration sneak up on you

Most of us feel that we don’t need to worry about dehydration unless we’re outside on a hot, sunny day or exercising. And most of us are wrong.