Take down arthritis with this superjuice

The annoying pain of arthritis can disrupt your life. But you can fight back with a superjuice that limits arthritic inflammation.

Research at Northumbria University in England shows that Montmorency tart cherry juice can lower the body’s levels of uric acid which is linked to gouty arthritis. Gout afflicts millions of Americans, causing severe joint pain and swelling that inflames those joints. It frequently affects the big toe as well as joints in the arms and legs.

The scientists also found that this type of cherry juice lowers the blood level of C-reactive protein, a substance that shows how much inflammation is going on in the body.

Top 10 arthritis mistakes [infographic]“We have been investigating Montmorency tart cherries for several years because they’re a unique fruit with a high concentration of anthocyanins,” says researcher Glyn Howatson, who has performed studies that show tart cherry juice helps muscles recover after intense exercise. “Our current study was conducted with a healthy population, although more research is needed to determine the specific benefits of Montmorency tart cherry juice for individuals with inflammatory diseases, including gout and other arthritic conditions.”

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Anthocyanins are pigments in fruits and vegetables that act as antioxidants and defend the body against harmful free radicals.

Another study performed at the University of Michigan shows that tart cherry juice increases the antioxidant activity of the blood.

“Our observations were after a one-time consumption,” says researcher E. Mitchell Seymour. “It is compelling to think what could occur with more regular consumption of tart cherries, and how that could translate into possible health benefits.”


Carl Lowe

By Carl Lowe

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