Freedom From Diabetes

Dr. Stefan Ripich ND, CNP

Most doctors will tell you there’s no cure for Type 2 diabetes.

“It’s not reversible,” they say, and your only hope of controlling this disease is to monitor your blood sugar like a hawk for life and keep it lowered with drugs or insulin.

But this simply isn’t true.

The fact is, thousands of people who once suffered from Type 2 have become symptom-free… are completely off these drugs… and now live normal, healthy lives simply by changing their diet and getting a little regular physical activity.

At my Clinic, I’ve never had a single patient that hasn’t been able to completely reverse their Type 2 using this simple approach.

Keep reading and I’ll explain how easy it is for almost any Type 2 patient to become diabetes-free.

The Best Diabetes Treatment We Have Today

Several well-documented medical studies confirm this dramatic turnaround and this certainly seems to meet the requirements of a bonafide “cure.”

When pressed, many physicians concede that diet and exercise can produce profound beneficial effects on blood sugar levels and other Type 2 symptoms, but they draw the line at using the “c” word.

Whether you call it a cure or not, there’s no arguing that the diet-and-lifestyle approach is the most successful treatment for Type 2 diabetes that we have today.

While conventional medical approach sentences Type 2 patients to a lifetime of monitoring their blood sugar and relying on medications to lower it — with no hope of ever becoming free of either the drugs or the disease — the diet-and-exercise approach can put an end to both in a relatively short time (sometimes as quickly as 30 days).

With results like these, one wonders why diet-and-exercise isn’t the first line of medical treatment for diabetes.

The Problem Is With Our Medical System

I know several doctors who recognize the shortcomings of treating Type 2 with drugs and who would love to prescribe diet modification to their patients instead.

Unfortunately, they can’t because insurance providers won’t reimburse them for the time and effort required to educate patients about this method.

Then there’s the liability issue. Should a patient fail to follow his advice and fall ill, the doctor could be sued and lose his license. Most physicians don’t want to run this risk.

Finally, there’s a lot of confusion in the medical community about the best approach to pursue. Some doctors believe weight-loss is required. Others feel patients should go easy on meat and dietary fat, while following a mostly-vegetarian diet. Still others prefer a protein-heavy Atkins-type diet is best.

As a result, their only option is to dispense drugs — even though these meds do nothing to halt or heal diabetes… and can actually hasten a patient’s demise.

I Decided To Put An End To All This Confusion

I’ve been treating all types of diabetics for many, many years.

For most of these patients, I was the last stop on a long, frustrating medical road that offered lots of drugs, but little hope or improvement. Quite the contrary…

These Drugs Were Making Them WORSE

These people came to me because they heard my Type 2 patients were experiencing dramatic improvements (sometimes as quickly as 30 days or less!) that helped them return to a normal life. In most cases, their symptoms completely disappeared.

In fact, in the past 10 years of working with diabetics, I’ve had 100% success in getting Type 2s completely OFF their meds because I take the time to care.

Over the years I’ve developed a simple plan that has helped my patients eat properly to correct their blood sugar imbalances.

It’s an easy, “one-day-at-time” plan that educates you about the healing foods and habits which can reverse Type 2 and prediabetes so your doctor can take you off blood sugar medications — (or dramatically reduce your dose).

And It’s Worked Like A Charm For My Patients

The truth is: “Education” is your most powerful medicine when it comes to Type 2 diabetes and the nasty medical complications it leads to. Here’s why…

Every day we’re bombarded with thousands of ads promoting foods and snacks which appear healthful — but are really poisonous to our metabolism.

And because we’re so busy these days, the convenience and low price of these foods make them irresistible.

But knowing which foods heal your blood sugar — and which ones make it worse — can save your life.

Diabetes Drugs Are The Wrong Treatment

Doctors prescribe diabetes drugs because they believe patients are too lazy to change their eating habits — so they never even mention this simple solution.

But when patients get these drugs, they think it’s OK to keep eating the same “diabetes-causing foods” just as long as their blood sugar remains in the normal range.

This is a big mistake!

Studies clearly show that glucose-lowering drugs don’t improve a diabetic’s outcome. Nor do they protect you against diabetic complications — and can even accelerate their occurrence!

So please don’t be fooled.

Reversing Type and prediabetes can be as easy as replacing those problem foods with the “diabetes healing foods”.

But like many doctors, most Americans are utterly confused about the dietary causes of diabetes and blood sugar problems.

Your Roadmap back to Good Health

Many of us have been eating like this since childhood, so we’ve lost our way and have become seriously ill from poor food choices.

But I’ve never met a patient who didn’t yearn to feel healthy and off medications. Most just don’t know how to go about it.

That’s why I created The 30-Day Diabetes Cure.

Based on my experience and plenty of solid scientific research, I’m utterly convinced that this non-drug approach is our best hope of conquering diabetes — and freeing patients from lifetime dependence on drugs which are ineffective and dangerous in the long run.

Drugs and medications will never reverse your diabetes or improve your health. Nor will they protect you from the nasty medical complications that ultimately claim all diabetics.

Your only hope is to get OFF these drugs (or get your dose reduced) — and start reversing your diabetes through diet & lifestyle changes while you still can.

For more information click here to try The 30-Day Diabetes Cure at absolutely no risk.