The hangover cure that can destroy your kidneys

the-hangover-cure-that-can-destroy-your-kidneys_300If your head or body hurts from a hangover, there’s one painkiller in particular you better stay away from. Many people use it and don’t realize the damage it can do to the kidneys.

Research at Parker University in Dallas shows that taking acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol) after you’ve been drinking, even if you didn’t drink that much, is a kidney threat. It results in a more than 100 percent increase risk of kidney disease.

Other medications you should avoid that contain acetaminophen include Alka-Seltzer and Benadryl. (For an acetaminophen list, see here.)

Researcher Harrison Ndetan told HealthDay News: “People buy acetaminophen over the counter, and they also are casual alcohol users, and they don’t know that there is a harmful interaction.”


Cara McCarthy

By Cara McCarthy

Cara McCarthy has been working in the natural health industry since 2010. She studied Marketing Communications at the University of Mississippi. Her goal is to provide people with the information they need to live the healthiest, happiest lives possible.