The Lost Art Of Fermentation

Fermentation of food and drink is a lost art. In the old days, fermentation took the place of refrigeration. It preserved food. Fermented food also contains valuable natural substances that boost health.

When bacteria and enzymes in food convert sugar, starches and carbohydrates into the alcohol and organic acids of fermentation such as lactic acid, this preserves food by protecting it against bacteria that causes food to rot.

Modern food processing is based on killing these organic acids of fermentation by heating or pasteurization. In fact, government inspectors use the live enzyme count to condemn milk or foods. This opposes health in favor of shelf life.

They translate live food into money by killing it. What else would we expect them to do?

Fermenting Cabbage

I remember when my mother grew cabbage, cut it up, put it in a churn (heavily salted) and let it set outside to make sauerkraut. Interestingly, this was before the days of widespread stomach and intestinal problems that (you guessed it) magically turned into multibillion-dollar profits for the pharmaceutical companies and doctors.

Without good stomach bacteria and enzymes, of course we have widespread “acid indigestion,” which calls for the very huge trillion-dollar business of antacids. This leads straight to an epidemic of stomach cancer; Americans don’t have a clue about cause and effect. The antacid business is a pharmaceutical industry that feeds the cancer industry, which means billions of dollars more to the pharmaceutical companies for chemotherapy and radiation and to the doctors and hospitals for surgery. Follow the trail of the serpent.

Hard Truth

The hard truth is that the symptom of “acid indigestion” is really a warning that we don’t have enough acid. At the advice of the medical system, we load up on antacids and further lose our good stomach acid.

The alchemists can almost match the money printers at creating vast wealth out of nothing. It’s criminal, but it’s legal.

Fermented foods are pre-digested foods. They magically soothe and heal the stomach and provide more nutrients like B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Incidentally, men, fatty acid consumption equals prostate health.

Bill Douglass, M.D., (my doctor at one time) wrote in his Douglass Report of February 2010, “The lactic acid you get from fermented foods produces substances that can kill bacteria like salmonella and Helicobacter pylori.” To subscribe to Dr. Douglass’ Report, go here.

French Paradox

You may have heard of the “French Paradox.” The French people escape cancer and heart disease more often than Americans because they drink more wine. Of course, they must drink their own fermented wine without commercial processing.

There are fermented foods, drinks and additives available on the Internet. Just use Google to find them. Kombucha — an excellent drink — and non-pasteurized yogurt are two of my favorites. I eat the plain yogurt, sweetened with stevia for taste. There are fewer calories in plain versus flavored yogurt.

‘Acid Indigestion’

I personally had “acid indigestion” for many years, along with high blood pressure. I read about Bob Butts’ water and salt cure (for everything) and, after months of delay, decided to try it.

Mind you, doctors have a phobia against the mixture of salt and high blood pressure. I tried it with great reluctance thinking that it would probably kill me. Well, first I made my last will and testament. By now, I must have drunk many pounds of sea salt- not processed table salt. We need sea salt for its very important minerals.

I am still here and in better health with no blood pressure medication and without so-called “acid indigestion.” I put “acid indigestion” in quotes because it is a lie that the pharmaceutical companies have imposed on the public mind to extract money.

Well now, I emphatically do not recommend that you take sea salt if you have high blood pressure, even though I have told you the truth. I know full well how indelible this medical lie has been inscribed, stamped and engraved on our collective minds.

Butts is a totally honest, dedicated person who has spent a huge amount of his own money trying to get the word out that water and sea salt (1/4 teaspoon daily) will reverse most health concerns. So far, the medical establishment has not stopped him because his organization is 100 percent nonprofit.

He takes no money. He wants only to expose the medical fraud that is wrecking America.  His site is here.

Bob Livingston

By Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston has been writing most of his adult life on matters of health, nutritional supplements, natural alternatives and social importance.