The Right Diet Equals Healthier Sex

the-right-diet-equals-healthier-sex_300When Albert Finney and Joyce Redman lustfully dined in the movie “Tom Jones,” the food they fondled were props symbolizing their mutual lust. If only they had known: Research shows that choosing the proper food can prop up your sexual desire.

Two separate randomized trials have shown that sticking to the Mediterranean diet, which is high in fruits, vegetables and olive oil, can help improve sexual function for both men and women who suffer from metabolic syndrome. (People with metabolic syndrome usually have hypertension and insulin resistance and are very overweight.) Metabolic disorder often leads to male erectile dysfunction and a lack of desire in women.

In the male trial, researchers in Italy found that adherence to the diet enabled one-third of obese men with erectile dysfunction to regain their sexual activity. A similar improvement in sexual function was documented in a two-year randomized trial in women  who had experienced sexual dysfunction.



Kellye Copas

By Kellye Copas

Staff writer Kellye Copas has several years experience writing for the alternative health industry. Her background is in non-profit fundraising, copywriting and direct mail and web marketing.