Sports legend reveals secret to stamina and longevity

At nearly 40-years-old, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady routinely bests far younger NFL athletes on the field. Even more remarkably, he plays better than his younger self. How? Brady’s success is built on a natural approach to healing that keeps his body young and his reflexes sharp.

A few years ago Brady faced attacks from the mainstream when Boston Magazine declared his trainer and business partner, Alex Guerrero, was a “glorified snake oil salesman.” The article accused Guerrero of making false claims about the disease-preventing benefits of natural health products that several professional athletes, including Brady, had endorsed.

The piece was based heavily on the fact that the Federal Trade Commission forced Guerrero’s company to pay fines related to claims it had made in the past about natural health products.

When asked about the controversy, Tom Brady said what fans of alternative health practices already know: You can’t expect mainstream media— and certainly not the federal government— to understand how natural healing works.

Tom Brady’s age-defying secret

“So much of what we talk about, Alex and I, is prevention. It’s probably a lot different than most of the Western medicine that is in professional sports,” Brady said of his friend and trainer.

Prevention, Brady added, means realizing that food and beverage companies are often in the business of poisoning customers and the healthcare industry relies on people getting sick from poor lifestyle choices.

“That’s kind of our [society’s] approach to medicine: Wait ’til you get sick or wait ’til you get hurt, and then we’ll treat you,” Brady said. “Well, how about trying to find ways to prevent yourself from that even happening? I think that’s a much better approach to medicine. When you say, well this sounds like quackery, there’s a lot of things I see on a daily basis that I see in Western medicine that I think: ‘Wow, why would they ever do that? That is crazy. That doesn’t work.'”

And not listening to the advice of Western doctors has been a big part of Tom Brady’s age-defying success.

“I had doctors with the highest and best education in our country tell us, tell me, that I wouldn’t be able to play football again. That I would need multiple surgeries on my knee from my staph infection. That I would need a new ACL, a new MCL, that I wouldn’t be able to play with my kids when I’m older,” he said. “Of course, I go back the next year and we win comeback player of the year. I follow the next season, and we win the MVP of the year. I’ve chosen a different approach, and that approach works for me.”

Brady’s approach can work for you too. Just remember a key word from his quotes above… Prevention.

Keys to preventing disease and injury

Here are some keys to preventing disease and injury and healing your body naturally (click the links for more details):

Chances are you’re already doing some of the things mentioned above. For the things you aren’t doing, find easy ways to make gradual changes toward better health.

Taking a gradual, or part-time, approach to achieving better health is your best option because it can keep you from getting overwhelmed and giving up on new diet and exercise routines. The reality is that most of us don’t have the resources to expend as much time and energy on our daily health plans as supermodels and professional quarterbacks.

And when we try to force it while juggling busy work and family schedules, we fail.

Thinking again about Tom Brady’s incredible health, consider this: He and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, adhere to a diet that of consists of 80 percent vegetables and forbids a huge number of different foods.

To say it’s restrictive would be an understatement.

In fact, the diet is so strict that when a blogger for Women’s Health tried it as research for a column, she gave up after just two days.

We’ve all had similar experiences with a highly restrictive fad diet or an overly ambitious exercise program in the past.

Avoid those disappointing health setbacks in the future by making easy, moderate diet and lifestyle changes that you hardly notice as new additions to your busy daily routine. In time, the health benefits of these gradual changes will become quite noticeable as weight falls off and you feel younger, stronger and sharper.

Easy Health Digest ™ editor Dr. Michael Cutler has been telling everyday Americans about this exciting approach to better health for years. And his recent book, The Part-Time Health Nut,” has guided thousands of readers through a simple 10-step process designed to help average folks achieve optimum health like Brady’s with inexpensive and time-saving natural health protocols. By revealing clever ways to work natural medicine, clean eating and effective exercise into a busy daily schedule, Cutler proves you don’t have to spend all day in the gym or be a star quarterback to maintain perfect physical health at any age.


Sam Rolley

By Sam Rolley

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