Try regular colon cleaning for overall improved health

In order to keep your colon functioning for overall improved health, consider colon hydrotherapy. Colon hydrotherapy is a process that involves multiple infusions of water via a tube into the colon to help eliminate waste and bacteria. This procedure is handled on an appointment basis in a lab or office and the patient remains awake and functioning throughout the process.

“The irrigation or the washing of the colon is a procedure that has been practiced by humans in all civilizations in recorded history, and, no doubt, before. With the new awakening that is presently occurring on Earth, colon hygiene once again is being recognized and practiced by an ever-growing number of individuals as a fundamental and essential aspect of health,” said Dr. Ann Wigmore, an internationally recognized detoxification expert, in the book The Detox Solution.

If you cannot commit to the full hydrotherapy procedure, then maybe an at-home enema may help improve colon health. An enema involves a one-time water infusion into the lower part of the colon. You can use a store bought kit or make the infusion solution yourself at home.

According to a health newsletter published by the Optimal Health Center in Madison, Wis., regular colon cleansing can be very beneficial for the health of your digestive system since gut health can determine overall health and well-being. The Center offers the top three reasons why colon cleansing is so important:

  1. Regular enemas and/or colon hydrotherapy can reduce the disease-causing microbes in the body.
  2. Regular enemas and/or colon hydrotherapy can help rid the body of toxic buildup.
  3. The full elimination of the colon on a regular basis can reduce stress.

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In order to get started with a few natural enema solutions, try these tips from and the Optimal Health Center in Madison, Wis.

  • Warm water enema: This is one the basic enemas to begin with when starting at-home colon hydrotherapy. Using 1 to 3 quarts of filtered water, make sure it is the right temperature. The Center recommends a temp between 96 to 103 degrees F.
  • Soap suds enema: Once you have conducted a few water enemas without any pain or complications, try adding to the water. Add a plant-based, animal-based or food-based soap like goat milk soap, chamomile soap or frankincense, myrrh and goat milk soap. These can help empty the bowels naturally.
  • Essential oil enema: peppermint or lavender oil added to a warm water enema solution can help nourish and stimulate the colon.
  • Sea salt enema: Add about 1 teaspoon of natural sea salt to the warm water to nourish your colon with electrolytes.


Peyton Kennedy

By Peyton Kennedy

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