7 things you need to know before taking antibiotics (slideshow)

Antibiotics have had a staggering impact on human health and life expectancy. These anti-bacterial drugs have saved millions of lives and dramatically reduced suffering. But perhaps they have been too successful. Antibiotics have been used (incorrectly) to treat viruses, added to animal feed to increase yields and even put in hand soaps.

Much has been written about antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and this is a grave concern. However, people, even physicians, sometimes lose sight of the fact that antibiotics are drugs. Like any drugs, they have side effects and contraindications.

The problem with the way we often use antibiotics is that they represent too much of a good thing. If you have a serious bacterial infection, by all means, take this type of critical, lifesaving medicine. However, like any drug, it’s good to steer clear of overuse in order to optimize the drug’s effectiveness and your long-term health.

Here are the top reasons to avoid antibiotics and how to take them safely…

Easy Health Options Staff

By Easy Health Options Staff

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