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Jedha Dening

5 reasons you need more folate over 50

The health problems certainly seem to stack-up on us as we age… And one reason is because of changes in the body that affect nutrient absorption. In mature adults, more commonly known deficiencies include vitamin D and B12. But folate is one nutrient that’s equally important and often forgotten. Here are 5 ways it can help you age better…

Joyce Hollman

How a fat-burning hormone could keep Alzheimer’s away

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease for which there still isn’t an effective treatment. Experts say the newest drugs carry risks far higher than any noticeable benefit. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another way to slow Alzheimer’s, one much less likely to cause a brain bleed that may already be supporting your health?

Carolyn Gretton

How fitness influences Afib and stroke risk

The most dangerous outcome of atrial fibrillation is stroke. People with this heart rhythm disorder have five times the stroke risk of their peers. How can you avoid being one of the 40 million worldwide with Afib? Research says a low level of fitness should do the trick…

Carolyn Gretton

The spice that works like medicine for acid reflux

If you haven’t heard, proton pump inhibitors come with some alarming side effects. If only there were a risk-free natural remedy that could provide the relief you desperately need. You’re in luck! Researchers tested one they say is just as effective for acid reflux…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

The little-known drug danger people with obesity face

Over the years, we’ve learned that obesity carries higher levels of health risks. But a shocking and little-known obesity-related danger comes from a surprising source: medication that’s rendered ineffective or unsafe by increased body fat…

Virginia Tims-Lawson

The weird connection between constipation and blood pressure

Having constipation can be uncomfortable. But its effects on the body don’t just impact the gut. Constipatiion and hypertension are two conditions where the conditions and their treatments can team up to make matters much worse…


Carolyn Gretton

Ignoring these bathroom symptoms can cut your life short

If you’re a man in your 50s or older, you may have experienced frequent urination and problems emptying your bladder. You may think it’s just a part of aging you have to put up with. But research shows the consequences of ignoring lower urinary tract symptoms can be dire…

Joyce Hollman

Why glaucoma may be the sneakiest sight stealer

You probably get a yearly checkup. But when was the last time you had your eyes examined? As we age, several conditions can degrade our eyesight. Glaucoma is one of them. And new research has found you could be suffering that damage right now — without any obvious telltale signs.

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

When eating a banana is a bad idea

Americans could really afford to increase our uptake of fruits, especially those containing flavanols that support brain, heart and blood vessel health. But the one fruit that surveys say is our favorite can undo all of that. Here’s when to avoid eating it…

Carolyn Gretton

How your smartwatch or fitness tracker can make you sick

These days, a lot of folks are wearing smartwatches and fitness trackers to get healthy. These electronics monitor heart rate and blood pressure or help us meet step goals. But, surprisingly, there’s a dark side about them that can actually make you sick…

Joyce Hollman

7 habits proven to reduce breast cancer recurrence

For a breast cancer survivor, the emotional repercussions are twofold: on the one hand, there’s relief. On the other hand, there’s the fear it can reappear at any time and without warning. These 7 habits can put your mind at ease…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Try this at-home stem cell ‘therapy’ to regenerate aging cells

Stem cells are you’re body’s “master cells” and work as your internal repair system. But, they decline rapidly as you age. Luckily, there’s a way to rejuvenate your own stem cells in just 24 hours to start feeling like your younger self again…