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Business is Better with Friends!

If you have to work… it might as well be fun. That’s our philosophy!

And who doesn’t like working with their friends doing something they love.

That’s why we’re always up for hearing about what others are doing in the natural health, nutritional supplement, alternative medicine and wellness space. Because, we might be able to help!

In fact, it could be a match made in heaven… but you’ll never know unless you reach out.

We’re into all kinds of stuff… we might just be interested in your stuff too!

Here are the four most common ways we “play well with others…”

Partner with Us

Partner with Us

Have a product, publication, book or nutritional supplement ready to promote that you think might appeal to our 200,000+ email subscribers and social media followers?

Have an audience of your own that might be interested in hearing from us?

We might become best friends!

Our readers are human beings, age 45+ that respond to all kinds of offers for maintaining good health.

If this sounds like you and you’re interested in a mutually beneficial joint venture, what are you waiting for? Send us a message right this very minute.

Advertise with Us

Advertise with Us

Have a campaign you need to promote? Looking for new leads for your product, service or publication?

We offer multiple, cost-effective ways to advertise with us, including email, text ads, native ads, content sponsorships and site takeovers.

We understand what it takes to be successful. Reach out and let us help you reach your target audience at a rate that makes sense for your unique offer.

We are seasoned marketers, and our ongoing marketing efforts guarantee an active and engaged group of new members are introduced to our community regularly.

Just let us know how can we help you with your advertising and promotional needs.

Write (Right) for Us

Write for Us

Do you have a unique voice and a following in the natural health space?

Are you the voice of your niche in alternative medicine?

Would you like to reach a wider audience of qualified readers?

Are you a practitioner who would like to grow an online following to increase your business?

Writing for us may be just what the doctor ordered (see how I did that? 😊). Lending your voice to our community of over 200,000+ readers and followers could be just the opportunity you’re looking for.

We’re always looking to introduce new writers, content developers and subject matter experts that meet our criteria to our community of engaged readers.

If you have something you think might interest them (and us), we’d love to hear about it!

Collaborate with Us

Are you an influencer in the 45+, natural health demographic? We’d love to work with you to develop mutually beneficial campaigns. Have an idea? Pitch it… we just might say yes!