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Carolyn Gretton

The supplement that could solve morning sickness

Few pregnancy symptoms are as challenging as morning sickness. No one really knows what causes it, which makes it tough to find an effective treatment. But researchers have zeroed in on some clues that could make the first trimester much more pleasant…

Easy Health Options Staff

Two things that really concern your doctor

There is a concerted effort by the medical establishment to convince you that anything other than their side effect-ridden, chemical-laden prescriptions and often unnecessary medical procedures are dangerous.

Carl Lowe

Build a better brain with mother’s wisdom

Debates will probably never end about the best way to raise kids. But researchers have discovered a way to better the odds that your offspring will be more successful in life. And it gives us a hint on how to make ourselves smarter and our brains healthier throughout our lives.

Carl Lowe

Protecting us from arsenic

We can use the protective effect of breast milk to point us in the direction of a powerful way to remove arsenic from adults, too.

Carl Lowe

Defend against the toxin that disrupts your thyroid

A study shows that a nasty toxin that is circulating in your body right now doesn’t affect the amount of thyroid hormone in your blood but can still hamper your thyroid function.

Carl Lowe

Don’t get diabetes during pregnancy

Nearly 10 percent of pregnant women develop what is called gestational diabetes, a condition harmful both to babies and expectant mothers. But pregnant women can lower their risk of this serious health difficulty.


Carl Lowe

Hidden danger for pregnant women

You may not know it, but many household products contain toxic substances called phthalates. Research shows these toxic substances may endanger everyone’s health, but pregnant women and their fetuses may be particularly vulnerable.

Carl Lowe

Is this food poison for pregnant women?

None of us can be certain about the toxins in much of our food. But one important food is raising serious concerns among experts who analyze the nutrients necessary for pregnant mothers.

Carl Lowe

The vitamin you need if you are out in the sun

Your skin needs sunlight to make vitamin D. But a study in Australia shows that if you get a lot of sun, you may need to take another vitamin to stay healthy, particularly if you are pregnant.

Bob Livingston

Monsanto’s Glyphosate Increasingly Found In Urine, Breast Milk And Blood Samples

Glyphosate is the main active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide, RoundUp®. Monsanto claims — and the Food and Drug Administration concurs — that glyphosate is excreted from the human body, despite numerous studies that show it causes health problems.

Carl Lowe

The food that keeps infants from getting sick

When a baby is first born, his immune system is undeveloped and vulnerable to a host of infections. But research in Denmark shows there’s one food that can help fight off illness and help the baby’s immune system defend against pathogens.

Carl Lowe

Dad’s Health Linked To Autism In His Kids

Listen up, dads: A study in Norway suggests that certain aspects of a father’s health can influence the chances that his kids are autistic. To reduce your kids’ risk, there’s one area of health to which you better pay particular attention.