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Healthy Aging

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Carolyn Gretton

How alcohol speeds aging (and which drinks are worse)

Anything you can do to slow the body’s biological aging process is a good thing. So if you’re hoping to slow the hands of time by putting a lot of effort into healthy living and nutrients that science shows can help, you may want to consider how alcohol factors in…

Carolyn Gretton

Is your ‘true age’ increasing your stroke and dementia risk?

Most of us don’t worry about health problems till we’re older, when disease risks can skyrocket. But If your body’s biological age is older than your birth certificate shows, you can face higher stroke and dementia risks much sooner…

Jenny Smiechowski

6 ways to reignite your youthful energy

You used to run mini-marathons in the morning, work a full-time job, catch a late show with friends and still have energy to spare. But now you need to take a nap after grocery shopping and doing a load of laundry. What happened?

Jedha Dening

5 reasons you need more folate over 50

The health problems certainly seem to stack-up on us as we age… And one reason is because of changes in the body that affect nutrient absorption. In mature adults, more commonly known deficiencies include vitamin D and B12. But folate is one nutrient that’s equally important and often forgotten. Here are 5 ways it can help you age better…

Joyce Hollman

Why glaucoma may be the sneakiest sight stealer

You probably get a yearly checkup. But when was the last time you had your eyes examined? As we age, several conditions can degrade our eyesight. Glaucoma is one of them. And new research has found you could be suffering that damage right now — without any obvious telltale signs.

Joyce Hollman

The weird way weight affects women’s longevity after 60

Are you a woman in her 60s? Want to live to be 90, 100, or more? It’s more under your control than you think. Here’s a hint: Throw out all you’ve been told about weight loss. You’ll be surprised to hear what research says…


Carolyn Gretton

Lifestyle factors to improve by 60 to avoid the nursing home

Focusing on healthy aging is something you might put off until you feel, well, older. But research has shown how you take care of yourself, and the habits you form, won’t only impact your health, but also your risk of ending up in a nursing home. Pay attention to these before you near 60…

Jenny Smiechowski

The best feel-good foods by age group

Have you ever woken up feeling irritable or down for no apparent reason? Scientists are learning that some foods can set you up for a happy, positive mood, while others leave you feeling depressed, anxious and irritable. And these foods and feelings change with age…

Carolyn Gretton

A single molecule may drive cognitive decline and aging

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that there’s no one magic bullet when it comes to health. But there are a few things that come close. One of those is a Nobel Prize-winning molecule we produce less of with age. Scientists believe that’s a big problem for our brains…

Dr. Adria Schmedthorst

Brain rejuvenation secret discovered circulating in our blood

Researchers had one goal: Discover exactly why three interventions have been found to turn back the clock on an aging brain. They didn’t expect to find a common denominator. And they certainly didn’t expect to find it already circulating in our blood…

Joyce Hollman

Closing in on a key driver of aging and disease

Does aging have to come with a host of age-related diseases? If we work hard at keeping our health all our lives, is there an expiration date that takes it all south? No, but it does have a key driver we may soon put a hard brake on…

Carolyn Gretton

The consequences of removing the thymus (and why doctors routinely do)

Experts have long believed the thymus gland, which produces all the immune-boosting T cells the body needs during childhood, was of little use once we got older. Turns out they weren’t just wrong, they were dead wrong — as in “double the risk of death” wrong.